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Business Communication Systems – A Need or Not

It is imperative for the proper functioning of every business entity to have a hindrance-free communications system. As an entrepreneur supervising self-owned business, or as an employee serving in an entrepreneurial venture, one can feel how important it is to have proper communication channels which keeps all employees connected with each other.

Apart from having concerns regarding communication channels, businesses also need to worry about their costs. It is therefore not possible for organizations to invest extensively in their communication channels – there is a threshold which when crossed turns into a disadvantage for the company.

These days it is possible to create a 24/7 link between people with the help of handheld communication devices and computers. Although one objective determining business performance is met, it poses serious questions to the costs incurred by the company in maintaining the gadgets. This problem becomes worse with empires and giant-sized corporations which house thousands of employees.

Introducing Vonage Business Solutions – A Brief Overview

Vonage Business Solutions poses to be a viable business communications solution. Vonage Business Solutions offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication systems, especially designed for businesses. Moreover, with its high quality service provision and affordability, Vonage Business Solutions promises to save 50 to 80 percent of communication costs incurred by companies each month. Not only does this translate into more savings each month, it may also mean increased productivity and profitability on behalf of employees.

The Packages

Vonage Business Solutions currently offers three plans for its specialized customers – the unlimited extensions plan, metered extensions plan and virtual extensions plan. All three plans have been engineered keeping in mind the special needs of different business enterprises. Furthermore, it gives all the more reasons to businesses to pick and choose their best suited packages and enjoy best inbound and outbound communication channels.

Vonage Business Solutions Plans

The Unlimited Extensions Package: The unlimited extensions package, much like its name, offers multiple extensions created and removed easily in order to connect all employees anywhere and everywhere. Whether some of these work from home, from a different city or come to office, each can be designated an extension line from the same phone network. This also means the business is free to make unlimited inbound and outbound calls from this network for a flat rate of $39.99 per extension per month.

All inbound calls are absolutely free which allows employees to coordinate and communicate any details regarding their work without worrying about their phone bills. Moreover, the unlimited extensions can be configured on employees’ computers, smart phones and can also be provided over a designated VoIP device.

There are numerous other features provided in unlimited extensions plan which are exceptionally beneficial for businesses like call screening, call tagging, call forwarding, voicemail to email conversion, outlook integration and round the clock connection.

The Metered Extensions Package: The metered extensions plan is ideal for businesses where the phone systems are less often used. In the case of temporary or seasonal employment, metered extensions plan allows businesses to enjoy the Vonage Business Solutions VoIP system for a low monthly fee of $14.99 per extension and the lowest possible charge of $0.03 per minute. This way the company can save finances spent unnecessarily on unused potential.

Moreover, it also offers additional benefits like call screening, call forwarding, call tagging, outlook integration, voicemail to email conversion and round the clock connection. This makes the plan extremely affordable and advantageous for the business.

The Virtual Extensions Package: Last but not the least, the virtual extensions plan has the capacity to connect the employees’ cell phones with the business phone number. A virtual PBX extension number is designated to the employees. All calls made on this number will be automatically transferred to the employee’s cell phone or desk phone as required. This means employees can be connected anywhere and everywhere. This package is ideal for businesses on a cost-cutting spree reducing office space or for those employees who are always on the go. Virtual extensions plan can integrate all types of cell phones and service providers into the central business VoIP for the lowest cost of $14.99 per extension per month.

Additional Features

Additional No-charge Features: The Vonage Business Solutions VoIP phone system comes with a wide array of preloaded features important for the special nature of business communication and for no additional cost.

  • It comes with an admin portal which allows the supervision and management of the phone system by company personnel – complete control in the hands of the owner.
  • The call-announce features allow the desk phone to audibly whisper tags pertaining to the call before connecting it online.
  • Three-way call conferences can also be connected for those moments when three people need to be on the same grounds regarding a project.
  • Complete Call Management: Call continuity feature ensures the call remains uninterrupted and continuous despite problems. Call forwarding, call hold, call park, call pass, call screening, call transfer, call waiting and voicemail to email conversion ensures one never misses an important call no matter what the case may be.
  • One can obtain call logs for extensions, block own caller ID for outbound calls and tag calls according to the caller ID received by the system.
  • Along with cell phone integration into the system, one can also connect multiple devices on one extension and opt for simultaneous ringing of all devices.
  • One can also opt to integrate it with outlook and manage voice, fax and email via unified inbox account.

Charged Features:

  • Call queue for incoming calls.
  • Recording calls automatically.
  • Conference call with up to 30 people.
  • Paperless fax.
  • Toll free number.
  • And many more.

Support Services

Vonage Business Solutions offers advanced support services. Not only is it possible for the customers to access and manage their accounts online, they can also troubleshoot problems and submit tickets in order to bring their problems into attention. These are resolved on priority basis by the team of Vonage Business Solutions professionals. In addition to this, a complete and detailed guide is available for every technical installation and configuration that the client would need to make so that continued customer assistance is provided.

Final Word

Vonage LogoIt remains true to say that Vonage Business Solutions is not just a VoIP phone system; it is a complete communications solution of businesses of all sizes, types and functions. The plans allow organizations to choose the best price-and-benefits package according to their unique requirements. With an extensive range of built-in features that promise continuous, uninterrupted and high quality communication. In short, Vonage Business Solutions has the capacity to work wonders for businesses.

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3 Responses to “Vonage Review 2020

  1. By: Charles
    Date: August 8, 2014 at 2:47 am
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Customer Support
    Ease of Use

    As Vocalocity, this company bent over backwards for us in ways that were surprising and refreshing. We requested or recommended numerous features. They added every one! The service had occasional interruptions and glitches, but the glitches were addressed.

    As Vonage, this company expressly refuses to provide support. Three different members of Vonage’s staff informed us that we may not have what we requested, that being the contact information, either phone number or email address, of a person on their staff who might be assigned to correct the problems we had been experiencing for several months without resolution from the rotating field of customer support personnel and the occasional tech support provider who would invariably forget about us at the end of the day and no longer be communicative. They said no. We said we needed someone who was prepared to help us for us to stay. They said no. So we are leaving.

    They do have a stable and developed product, something we have been comically unsuccessful in finding anywhere else but here, with a company that could not care less where we do our business.

    Vocalocity attracted us and catered to us. Vonage ignores us. Too often, changes in ownership or management can lead to violent shifts in performance and service. Vonage bought the product. They have not yet bought into the service, which was the best thing they stood to acquire.

  2. By: samuelhaas
    Date: September 6, 2015 at 6:19 pm
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Customer Support
    Ease of Use

    Vonage Business Solutions has been absolutely fantastic. The representatives are very knowledgeable and receive a lot of training. They’re also very friendly and truly take the time to resolve all of your issues. The system itself is very easy to navigate and has all of the features anyone could need for voip phones. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a voip system.

  3. By: David
    Date: September 27, 2015 at 5:02 pm
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Customer Support
    Ease of Use

    I echo the above comment. Vocalocity was an exciting company and the customer support was simply fantastic. Since the Vonage acquisition, customer support is terrible and bureucratic. There is no online help; you can get help only by physically calling them, and they’re only open on weekdays. The provisioning software on their website is positively archaic, not at all user-friendly, and often simply does not work, in addition to running at a glacially slow page. Vonage must not be too interested in this division, because the software has not been improved or upgraded for years — as far as I can tell, not one penny has been spent on improving it.

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