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Virtual Phone Systems for Small Businesses

A virtual phone system is a must have for small business owners who want to present a professional image, save money, handle calls more efficiently and advertise with a branded phone number. The rewards of using virtual phone systems for small business include an increase in productivity, major reductions in overhead costs and improved customer service.

Increased Productivity

One of the biggest advantages of using a virtual phone system is that businesses and employees are able to operate much more efficiently. Features like the auto attendant eliminate the need for a full time receptionist to sit by the phone all day redirecting calls, or for other employees to drop what they are doing every time the phone rings. With call forwarding or “find me follow me” enabled, employees can answer calls directed to their extension from anywhere. This feature allows each authorized user to choose which number their calls will be directed to, so even if they are on a break, out in the field doing research or working from home for the day, they can still receive calls.

With the online fax function, employees are able to send and receive faxes right from their computers, which saves a lot of time because they don’t have to wait for the fax machine to be free or walk back and forth to use the fax machines.

Cost Reduction

Businesses will see the savings immediately with just the auto-assistant feature alone. The full time wages and benefits of one employee can be eliminated right away. Further savings are realized when the phone bill comes in because a virtual phone system costs a fraction of traditional business phone systems. Since the system is virtual, there is no need to buy and maintain expensive equipment.

When it comes to operating a business, the more efficiently time is used, the more productive the business will be. With a virtual phone system, every employee is able to muti-task more effectively, and waste less time going to the fax machine, re-routing calls and returning calls they may have missed because they were away from their desk.

Efficient Customer Support

A majority of the calls a business receives is related to customer support, depending on the type of business. How well this support is handled can often mean the difference between a repeat customer and a lost sale. Outstanding customer support begins with an exceptional communications system capable of ensuring that no call will ever go unanswered and that every call is properly routed to the correct extension or department, each and every time. A sophisticated virtual phone system equipped with an auto attendant is able to accomplish this.

The call is answered immediately and the caller is greeted with a custom message. From here, the caller has options in the form of dial a name or extension number of a specific person, or press a certain key for the department they wish to contact. If callers do have to be put on hold, the system is able to play a variety of music selections, or the business can take this opportunity to promote an upcoming sale or special event by recording a custom message.

Easy to Use

Standard, multi-line phone systems are very complicated to use. This adds to the expense of the system because employees need special training just to use the phone. Even highly trained employees will often run into problems, which results in an accidental disconnection, calls routed to the wrong department, and very angry callers. A small business virtual phone system is very intuitive. Everything the user needs to operate the phone is laid out in a user-friendly desktop interface. A few clicks of the mouse allows an employee to access email, pull up telephone call logs, send a fax and anything else they need to do. This reduces the amount of time spent moving from one machine to another in order complete different tasks, which means the work is done faster and more efficiently.

Virtual PBX is a leader in the virtual phone industry. They offer many different types of plans, so you only pay for what you need. The flat rate plans include unlimited calling, faxes and international calls for prices as low as $18.99 per month. Businesses that don’t use the phone too much can opt for usage based plans that start at just $7.99 per month for 300 minutes.

RingCentral is another fabulous virtual phone service provider. The system can be used with existing phones, so you don’t have the added expense of special ViOP phones. Prices start at just $9.99 per month for 300 minutes and free internet fax service is included. Up to 10 extensions can be associated with the account and additional minutes are only 4.9 cents.

Small businesses need to present a professional image. A small business virtual phone system is just the way to make a great impression, improve customer service and reduce overhead costs.

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