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The Three Best Reasons to Switch to VoIP

Deciding to change phone systems is often a difficult process full of uncertainty. The telecommunications experts at have compiled a simple list presenting the three best reasons to switch to a VoIP phone system.  VoIP offers more than just a simple calling service, it comes with a wide variety of calling features and functions that allow for cost savings and simple control.

Reasons to Switch

Here are the three best reasons to switch.  Customers that are unsure as to whether or not they will choose VoIP will be quickly convinced after understanding the facts.

Lower Costs

The one feature of a VoIP service that everyone can understand is its low cost. VoIP providers offer a lower monthly cost than any traditional landline or cellular provider. Those who switch to a VoIP phone system stand to save up to 50% on their phone system.  For businesses, VoIP offers even greater cost savings potential.  With a hosted PBX VoIP system, not only do businesses pay half as much per month, they also do not need to pay for any major equipment.  Because providers host the PBX, there is no on site equipment necessary, therefore there are no upgrades or maintenance costs for businesses to deal with.  Since the rise in the popularity  of VoIP, providers have been competing in a race to the bottom with their prices. Many VoIP providers also offer simple, flat rate plans that provide a simple, low cost service.

Calling Features

VoIP phone plans include more than the basic calling and voicemail features.  A VoIP phone system can include dozens of features that are all included at no extra cost in the monthly plan.  Both homes and businesses can take advantage of the rich set of features that VoIP comes with.  Using the advanced voicemail options such as voicemail to email or enhanced voicemail can improve a customer’s access to important information.  Features like auto-attendant can change the face of a business and provide it with an integrated answering system, adding a level of professionalism. Other features like auto call routing can ensure that customers will never miss a call again with a VoIP system that can reroute calls to cellphones or any other phone.

Simplified System

If the lower prices do not satisfy the customer and the advanced calling features seem too complicated, customers can be convinced by the simplicity of a VoIP system.  So many features may seem like too much to understand, however, they all exist to make the users life easier.  With a hosted PBX VoIP phone system, the entire phone system is accessed through an internet connection.  All that is needed to set up a new phone system is to sign up and get started.

Chance Abbott is a technical writer for several VoIP and telecom related publications. He reports on breaking news and events in the telecommunications community.

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