The Best Virtual PBX Apps for Businesses


When people talk about Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, the first thing that comes to mind are images of bulky and complex premise-based phone systems. Businesses traditionally relied on these systems to handle their internal and external communications. But today, on-site systems have become antiquated and are no longer able to meet the needs of today’s modern businesses – especially when it comes to supporting worker mobility, streamlining processes, and accelerating growth.

Fortunately, with the help of a virtual PBX, businesses now have a better option that is even more powerful and practical than an old-school PBX. And the great thing about a virtual PBX is that aside from the feature-rich, scalable, and affordable perks, it also allows companies to communicate regardless of location (as most providers offer a mobile app along with their service).

Are you looking for the best mobile virtual PBX apps for businesses? Then take a look at our list below:

  • RingCentral

RingCentral aims to help businesses advance their communications with their hosted PBX solution. Their RingCentral mobile app lets users call, fax, text, and organize conference calls and online meetings straight from their smartphones or tablets. Managers or administrators can also add or remove employees with ease through the app without having to purchase new hardware or devices.  By understanding the importance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in businesses, RingCentral ensures users will not be restricted to only specific types of devices. Thus, their app is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices. RingCentral subscribers can download the app for free from Google Play and iTunes App Store.

  • VirtualPBX

Award-winning hosted PBX provider VirtualPBX also lets their users enjoy more freedom and flexibility thanks to the VirtualPBX Softphone app. All of the great features available in their hosted PBX systems are accessible through the app, helping users turn their smartphones or tablets into fully-featured hosted PBX phones. Some of the features users can take advantage of include caller ID, call recording, centralized voicemail, real-time call reports and logs, customized company greetings, and more. The app is suitable for iOS and Android and is available for free.

  • Grasshopper

If you’d like to turn the world into your office, then Grasshopper’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android make for a great solution. Aimed at small businesses, Grasshopper’s virtual PBX service helps startups and emerging businesses appear professional and stay connected without hefty costs. With the app, users can separate their personal and business calls, listen to voicemail, read faxes, view call history, and more. The app is also available on Google Play and iTunes for free.

  • Vonage

Businesses that want to tap into the flexibility and mobility of a hosted PBX can not go wrong with Vonage’s MobileConnect app for Android and iPhone. Ideal for business owners who are constantly on the go or companies that have remote workers, Vonage’s app covers all the basic PBX functions and more. It lets users make and receive calls, text, and convey a professional business presence wherever they go.

Today’s modern businesses and employees are increasingly mobile and located across multiple locations. Reliable and flexible virtual PBX solutions are now critical more than ever. And thanks to these mobile apps, businesses now have a better, reliable, and more cost-effective way to communicate, collaborate, and stay connected no matter where they are.

VirtualPBX Boosts Award-Winning Business Phone System By Adding Unlimited Minutes


In business, complacency is a dangerous thing. You might have a good product or service that is patronized by people today, but tomorrow something newer and more innovative might take the market by storm and topple you from the top spot. This is why companies should consistently strive to turn their good product into an even better one.

And this is exactly what VirtualPBX did to their revolutionary, award-winning business phone system Dash.

VirtualPBX introduced last week an upgrade to their Dash plan: the option of unlimited minutes. Dash Unlimited aims to bring every business’ communications game up a notch. It’s the only hosted phone system in the market that is highly regarded for its expert, in-house customer support team, innovation in user experience and, of course, unlimited minutes for an entire group of users.

Unlimited Possibilities with Dash Unlimited

According to VirtualPBX, the launch of an unlimited version of their award-winning business telephone service was a result of the heightened use of the interface.

Dash has attracted more and more users because of its sleek, streamlined, and intuitive platform that’s not only easy to set up and navigate, but also provides quick access to important calling and business tools.

VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker commented, “The added traffic that Dash customers were beginning to have on their business phone system warranted the boost into the unlimited plan.” Baker also expressed his excitement over delivering a product that customers wanted to use and required more minutes to do so.

Dash Unlimited is packed with the full library of enterprise-grade capabilities and calling features that already come with the highly acclaimed Dash phone system (including first-touch features like Custom Greetings, Auto-Attendant, and Automated Directory, Flexible Device Management, Follow-Me Calling, Call Routing, and Music On-hold). The only real difference between Dash and Dash Unlimited is, you guessed it, the unlimited minutes.

Get Started with Dash Unlimited

It is often tricky to improve or surpass an already successful product or service (such as Dash) especially when it’s highly-rated and well-received by various organizations. Adding more features may have the tendency to increase the product’s complexity, which might put off customers. VirtualPBX obviously know this, which is why they took the more reasonable response: retain all the great things about Dash and take the limits off.

VirtualPBX is confident that their newest offering can enhance business communications that they back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. To get started with Dash Unlimited or for information, visit