Can Hosted PBX Save You Money?

The short answer is: yes. Moving to a hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system from a legacy-based PBX system can help your business save money. We’ve already discussed in a previous article about how hosted PBX system can help cut your IT expenses. But there are even more ways it can promise you big savings. Here are some of them:

  • It grows with your company

A hosted PBX system is an attractive solution for businesses that value scalability and flexibility. Unlike on-premise systems, hosted PBX lets you easily upgrade or downgrade your services as your business needs change.

That means, for example, when the holiday rush kicks in, you can conveniently add more lines and users to accommodate the increasing demand without having to worry about investing in more phone equipment. And when the seasonal sales subside, you can also scale your hosted PBX service back to cut down on expenses.

  • Enjoy lower call rates

If you deal with clients and customers abroad, you’re likely aware that the cost of placing an international call from a traditional phone service is painfully high. These costs can pile up over time and can take a huge chunk of your budget. Fortunately, calls via hosted PBX systems (which use the internet to transmit calls) are relatively cheaper than those made over traditional phone services.

Also, most hosted PBX service providers let you have a local area code and number in another area or country. This means means you can place calls and also be reached by people using the same area code, while only paying the cost of a local call.

  • No equipment upgrades or upkeep to think about

Because the hardware or equipment for a hosted PBX service is housed by the provider, you no longer have worry about upgrades or maintenance as your provider will be the one to shoulder it. All you need to spend on are the handsets for your staff (but even that can be eliminated if you use softphones or already have existing handsets) and your monthly phone bill.

  • Avoid the financial consequences of security breaches or emergencies

On-premise PBX systems may lend some peace of mind to businesses, given that it’s the organization that has complete control over it. However, this is exactly the type of environment that makes your PBX system more vulnerable to security breaches or emergencies.

With a hosted PBX, you don’t have to spend more on security or suffer the financial consequences of a security breach or natural disaster because most providers have established measures to ensure business continuity during emergencies or disruptions. Leading providers (such as RingCentral, Vonage, and Mitel) for instance, have established multiple layers of redundancy and failover technology in their data centers to ensure users are protected in times of crisis.

Final Thoughts

Cutting costs isn’t always a good reason to make a change. This is because some services may appear to cost less but, in truth, do not always deliver the best results for a business. With a hosted PBX solution, this isn’t the case. A hosted PBX system delivers big savings to businesses while offering better and more advanced functionalities, flexibility, and convenience.