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RingCentral vs.

Virtual phone systems are the perfect addition to any small business. It allows the company to present a professional image, without the expense of a traditional phone system. Virtual systems are also much easier to use. From the desktop application, a user can access email, phone logs and send a fax with just a click of the mouse. But, with so many virtual phone service providers, how do you decide which is the best for you? This comparison pits RingCentral against

Features of RingCentral

1. Phone Numbers – You can choose from a Toll-Free Numbers or Local Numbers. A toll free number allows customers to call you for free, and gives your business more credibility. Choices include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or vanity numbers, like the name of your business. Local Numbers allow you to establish a local presence. There are over 200 area codes available.
2. Phone Service – The call controller allows you to manage the entire system from your computer and set caller ID options.
3. Visual Voice Mail – This feature allows you to view the call log, fax log, return calls, delete messages, and perform other tasks from a user-friendly screen.
4. Greeting – Establish a professional identity with your company’s personal brand and greet your customers in a pleasant manner. After the friendly greeting callers can choose where they would like their call to be directed, and this is set up by using either a dial a name or extension option, or by pressing a number for a specific department.

Features of

1. Phone numbers – You can choose from Toll-Free Numbers or Local numbers. You also have the option to transfer an existing phone number to your virtual account. Toll free choices include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and vanity numbers.
2. Phone Service – The desktop application allows you to set caller ID options, view the call log and send internet faxes.
3. Voice Mail – Voice mail can be transcribed so you can read the message instead of listening to the audio version.
4. Greeting – The greeting is customizable so callers will know right away that they have reached the company they intended to call. After the friendly greeting callers can choose which department or individual they would like to be connected with. You choose whether you want a dial a name selection or a menu style option.

Mobile Access

The worst part about a line is that you are tied to that line at your desk. That has made cell phones so very popular, but a business cell phone is very expensive. Virtual phone service providers solve this problem by giving you access on your mobile phone or by forwarding calls to your cell.

The Mobile Office app gives you a convenient and reliable mobile extension. Most of the functions you perform on your PC control panel can be accomplished right on your smart phone. You just have to download the Mobile Office app to your phone and you are all set. There are native versions available for Blackberry and Android, and a Web App version that works with iPhone.

The RingCentral offers an app that is the ideal companion for your iPhone. The Android app allows you to take your business anywhere. You can receive or make calls over your ViOP, as well as change your personal settings, handle different calls simultaneously and get instant notifications on new voice mail and email messages. There is also an app for your Blackberry.

Customer Service

RingCentral offer a wide variety of support:

• Getting started – There is a complete section on how to get started which guides you through from registration to making your first call.
• Calling features – A complete break down on everything the company offers and how it works.
• Faxing – Full instructions on how to send and receive faxes, including how to attach documents to a fax.
• Community forum.
• Training manuals and tutorials.
• Phone support and email support tickets. is also there to answer any questions you may have:

Full FAQ section that covers most common problems and answers questions on everything from set up to billing.
Community forum where members can help each other or just chat.
Complete break down on how the system works.
• Training manuals and tutorials.
• Phone support and email support tickets.

Plans and Pricing

Both companies offer a wide array of plans. There is a plan to suit every business from the smallest one man operation to a large company employing more than 100 people. plans start at just $9.88 per month and include:

• 2 toll free numbers
• Unlimited number of extensions and voice mailboxes
• Auto attendant including menus
• Conference calling
• Over sixty features in all

RingCentral offers complete all-in-one plans for as low as $19.99 per month when you sign up for 100 or more users, or you can choose a per usage plan starting at $7.99 per month for 300 minutes.

The Verdict

Both companies offer an exceptional service for very affordable prices. All of the plans come with plenty of features to give your business a very professional image. This is a tough decision, but we have to declare RingCentral the winner because their plans are a bit more flexible, so you only pay for as much or as little as you need.

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