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Company: PhoneBooth

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Phonebooth is a nationwide provider of data and voice communication services aimed at small to medium sized businesses. Unlike some VoIP service providers, Phonebooth doesn’t trick customers with a bait-and-switch. When they say $20 per month includes all of the features your business needs in a phone system, plus unlimited minutes, that is exactly what they mean. No hidden charges and no surprises.



Phonebooth is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the nation, and one of the few with their own hosted VoIP phone system. For over ten years the company has provided customers with stable, reliable telecommunications solutions.

Features of Phonebooth


Owns and Controls Its VoIP Phone System

Unlike most virtual phone services, Phonebooth operates on a nationwide all-IP network that is maintained and curated by its parent company – Inc. This means the actual VoIP phone service is not outsourced to third party providers. By not depending on third party VoIP providers, the company doesn’t have to worry about the provider suffering an outage or providing poor quality service.

Not contracting out to third party service providers definitely puts them leagues ahead of the competition, and means they are able to provide a much more reliable and stable service. It also means they are solely responsible to fix any problems and keep the system up and running. This eliminates the usual “passing the buck” you see with other companies.

Phonebooth Free Plan

  • incoming calls only
  • 200 minutes per month – 3 cents per additional minute
  • free local number
  • auto-attendant
  • “Find Me” routing
  • 50 voice mail transcriptions per month
  • specific voice mail and extension options

Unlimited Minutes

Phonebooth offers unlimited minutes and all the features your business needs for a professional presence for one flat rate of $20 per user per month. There are no up-charges, no additional add-ons to pay for, no cancellation fees and no catches. This price includes unlimited incoming and outgoing calling within the continental U.S. Business features included:

  • 2 free phone numbers – additional numbers are $1 each per month
  • auto-attendants
  • conference calling
  • voice to text email transcriptions
  • call forwarding
  • unlimited groups (support, sales, etc)
  • 2 free bridges

This feature greets customers in a professional manner and allows your company to work more efficiently because each call is directed to the department or the individual the caller desires to speak to. Auto-attendants are completely customizable, including a menu system and a dial-by-name option. You can add as many auto-attendants as you need and you can easily change or update them any time you like from your user portal.

HD Voice Quality

The biggest problem with many VoIP systems is the poor voice quality. Phonebooth has solved this by offering HD voice quality. With a wired broadband connection like DSL or Cable, every call is crystal clear. Supported phones added to your network provide twice the audio quality of a regular land line.

“Follow Me” call Routing
The “Find-Me, Follow-Me” feature ensures you stay connected and never miss an important call. You can choose whether the system should route a call to a colleague or to a cell phone, or both. One number can track you down where ever you are with a simple configuration in the user portal.

Web 2.0 Interface

Phonebooth comes with an easy-to-use, Web-based interface to help you manage the features of your phone system and your employees, without any technical knowledge. The company prides itself in having a superior team of software engineers, developers and usability experts working together to create the best way to use and manage business phone systems.


You can access your system portal and make changes from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Phonebooth uses a business grade architecture, run by a complex software application. In order to provide reliable service, the company has incorporated several points of redundancy. The system is hosted in geographically-diverse data centers, and the server facilities are monitored around the clock for extra security. Customers can rest easy knowing that their phone service will not be interrupted, no matter what type of weather mother nature brings.


Voice to Text Transcription

This service is included in the price, and even the free plan offers 50 transcriptions per month, but the service doesn’t work very well. Even the simplest and most clear speech comes out unreadable with words missing or the wrong word inserted.


Phonebooth makes it possible for even the smallest businesses to appear large and professional. With advanced features at no extra charge and unlimited minutes for only $20 per month per user, and by not relying on third party IP networks, they are far ahead of the competition. There is no long term commitment and no contract required, so you can give the company a try, risk free. Or, take the free plan for a test drive to see if Phonebooth is the right company for your business needs.

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  1. By: jessica
    Date: August 2, 2015 at 7:18 am
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    i signed up for their service, it’s down at least 5 to 6 times a month randomly. The worst thing is that when you call customer service they will take notes like a machine and will suggest that a customer service rep will get back within 24 hours. Well that is not true they will not get back to you for many business days, i usually call when over and over and if i am lucky i will get an email from their tech team.
    In short they have the Worst customer service, the rep you get on phone are just like some answering service who will take notes.
    If you have a business don’t even think about it, you can’t risk your business if it mainly depends on phone calls.
    i have already initiated port out and looks like are not cooperating with that either i hope i will not have to contact FFC, lets see

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