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OnSIP is a VoIP phone service that leverages the open-source SIP algorithm to deliver low-cost small business telephony solutions. OnSIP stands out from its competitors by offering two very flexible pricing plans, allowing their small business clients to tailor the phone service to their specific needs and requirements.

Plans and Pricing

OnSIP offers two very different pricing options to choose from. Both offer an unlimited number of extensions, but differ in how you pay for optional features. The Pay As You Go plan allows you to purchase features a la carte for each extension. The Per Seat Metered plan, on the other hand, allows you to purchase bundles of features together at a heavy discount. Because they are so different in their implementation, both will be examined individually.

Pay As You Go

The Pay As You Go plan includes five voicemail boxes, three Auto Attendants (OnSip’s name for touch-tone menus), three ring groups, one dial-by-name directory, one announcement and five hold music channels, free of charge. On top of that, any additional features are purchased for a monthly fee. Additional voicemail boxes are $2 per month each, hold music channels – $4.95 each, Auto Attendants – $19.95 each, ring groups – $14.95 each, dial-by-name directories – $9.95 each, call parking – $14.95 each, announcements – $4.95 each, enhanced hold music – $19.95 each, and busy lamp field – $19.95 each. SalesForce integration is $14.95 per month per user. Each Pay As You Go plan starts out at a minimum of $49.95 in options, which allows a business to easily customize the plan for its own particular requirements. This is a great option for businesses that need many internal phone lines, but only a few full-featured ones, as it allows you to pay for the features you will use. For a business that needs many full-featured lines, however, the Per Seat Metered plan may be a better option.

Per Seat Metered

The Per Seat Metered plan is somewhat misnamed, as both the Per Seat Metered plan and the Pay As You Go plan offer an unlimited number of extensions, free of charge. Instead, the name of the plan reflects what it comes with: a number of features that together constitute one full-featured phone line. Each seat in a Per Seat Metered plan includes a voicemail box, an Auto Attendant, a ring group, a dial-by-name directory, an announcement, an on-hold music channel, a busy lamp field, call parking and enhanced on-hold music for $8.95 per seat for a minimum of 5 seats. By comparison, purchasing each of those features a la carte through the Pay As You Go plan would cost over $100 per seat. The Per Seat Metered plan is the better option for a business that requires several full-featured phone lines. However, a business that only needs a few of those features on only a couple of phone lines may find the Pay As You Go plan more cost-effective.

Shared Features

Both plans offer several free and optional paid features. Each comes with free support for three-way calling, call holding and transferring, call logging, call screening, caller ID, Do Not Disturb mode, simultaneous ring, call forwarding and Work from Anywhere functionality. Also free of charge are business hours routing options, video calling and a browser-based app for managing your phone system. In addition to that, conference call suites can be added to either plan for $19.95 each or for $5 each, if they are purchased in blocks of 10. Finally, OnSIP has a call queue management system that comes in two varieties – simple at $9.95 per person per month and Smart for $14.95 per person per month. The Smart Queue system adds a real-time dashboard to monitor calls going through the queue, as well as queue reporting functionality that allows managers to view statistics on the past performance of the queue and the agents in it. For $14.95 per user per month, after a 60-day free trial period, OnSIP can also be integrated into SalesForce CRM with Insta-call functionality. That allows a sales agent to make both voice and video calls directly from SalesForce and receive calls made through OnSIP InstaCall links displayed on a website. Integrating the phone system with customer resource management allows a business to streamline their sales pipeline and improve efficient phone use.

Call and Phone Number Pricing

Inbound and outbound calls through OnSIP cost 2.9 cents per minute, with inbound toll-free calls costing a cent more per minute for a total of 3.9 cents per minute. Minutes can be pre-purchased in bulk with a 5% and 10% discount for 300,000 and 500,000 minutes respectively. Calls made to other SIP users are completely free, as are incoming calls made through a website’s OnSIP InstaCall functionality. Video calling is also available through the OnSIP system with phones or computers that are equipped for it. Each OnSIP phone number costs $2 per month with a one-time initial installation fee of $7, and existing phone numbers can be ported to OnSIP for a one-time fee of $15.


OnSIP is a very flexible platform that can work very effectively in a heterogeneous small business or even a mid-sized office. The Pay As You Go and Per Seat Metered plans offer businesses an unlimited number of extensions, limited only by the features that need to be added to them. This is perfect for organizations where only a portion of the staff needs to regularly take or make phone calls for business, but still needs the ability to reach all of its employees via their desk phones. This allows a business to keep costs down by purchasing only the features it needs in order to effectively set up its phone tree in the Pay As You Go plan, or by purchasing full-featured lines for only the employees that need them in the Per Seat Metered plan. Additionally, common features such as queue support and conference calling that are very specific to a business’s needs are also optional to both plans. OnSIP is an excellent solution for small businesses, as it allows them to tailor each plan to their needs and budget.

For further information, visit OnSIP.com.

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