Mitel MiCloud Review

  • Company: Mitel
  • Main Service: Mitel MiCloud cloud communications and hosted VoIP for business
  • Monthly Fee: $17.50
  • Web interface: Yes
  • Ease of Use: Excellent
  • Mobile Availability: Yes


The Mitel MiCloud Suite is a unified communications management solution. Selection of the right cloud computing service provider to manage data and deploy core business processes is a difficult decision. Discerning business executives acknowledge, data is one of the most critical assets classes of a company’s knowledge infrastructure.

One of the marks of a leader in cloud computing are service offerings in communications. Mitel unified communications infrastructure is part of the company’s cloud service provision to customers. Clients seeking comprehensive capacity building in a data management system, come to Mitel for optimization of enterprise communications.

MiVoice, MiCollab and MiContact Center solutions are standard features in the MiCloud Suite. Mitel Freedom Architecture synchronizes communication applications on-demand. MiVoice Business allows customers to pay as they grow. Cross-gen device delivery means that MiCloud customers can create an en suite experience anywhere, anytime. The MiCloud Suite software application as system (SaaS) is a cloud-ready application offer automatic interface of scalable solutions no matter what the size of your business.

Scalability according to a cloud client’s demands, needs means customers have a choice between public, private and hybrid unified communications systems solutions. Mitel’s three cloud deployment options, allow customers to design custom solutions at a fraction of market cost. Security and reliability are standard features, so that Mitel clients are never have to second-guess their communications infrastructure.

Mitel is a world class leader in cloud solutions. Increase enterprise capabilities with unified cloud communications. We deliver our clients unparalleled quality in communications. Experience our on-demand economy of scale communications infrastructure. Advance the pace of business communications across an entire value chain of enterprise. With Mitel MiCloud cloud-based applications, proficiency in communications services to customers never goes unnoticed.

Mitel MiCloud IaaS

The launch of MiCloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on-demand enterprise systems operations offers customers on the cloud a pay-as-you-grow service that unifies communications across an entire network of stakeholders. Whether an organization requires private, public or hybrid deployment, which model of cloud communications IaaS is not as important, as how capacity building is mobilized. Standard MiCloud IaaS features support core business communications processes; optimizing collaboration in the interest of profit.

Mitel MiCloud VMware maximizes data driven enterprise strategies. The VMware virtual data center is the heart beat of MiCloud Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) applications. The UCC is equipped with Mitel IP voice, video and other virtualization applications, as well as diagnostic and management tools for ‘total’ communications management. Mitel’s value statement is clear. Our IaaS delivers the most flexible deployment options and on-demand scalability in the industry.

Mitel works toward continuous improvement of IT infrastructure so clients do not have to. Increased resource efficiency, reduced capital expenditure, industry-leading reliability, lower maintenance and support costs are some of the value added benefits of MiCloud B2B service provision. MiCloud IaaS engineering controls for re-routing of interrupted calls. Seek the most in business continuity and reliability in communications infrastructure.

Cost-effective and efficient in delivery, MiCloud IaaS reduces the expense that companies pay to modernize or expand their enterprise communications systems. With IaaS, companies eliminate the need for investment in high grade servers, network routers, security mechanisms, switches and other in-house enterprise systems equipment. Maintenance to upgrades are taken care of on the spot. With zero recovery time to operations during a systems failure, Mitel MiCloud IaaS ensures that your businesses is up and running, no matter what the circumstance.

Hosted by Mitel’s secured data center is a high availability (HA) computing facility. MiCloud IaaS is a closed enterprise systems solution designed to optimize and maintained enterprise communications in accordance with industry standards:

  • SSAE-16 certified virtual data center
  • 99.999% uptime, guaranteed by SLA
  • DR deployment of services (i.e. backup, colocation and failover scenarios)
  • Dual power feeds
  • HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliance
  • Lower than average I/O latency, guaranteed under 35ms SLA
  • Multi-site redundancy
  • Physical data security
  • Uninterrupted power supplies and redundant on-site generators

MiCloud Enterprise

The MiCloud solution that allows organizations to connect to 50,000 users, MiCloud enterprise is a mega-demand application. MiVoice and MiCollab are leveraged Mitel MiCloud virtual applications that can be customized according to a client’s requirements. Users can create their own Virtual Applications portfolio based on global enterprise demand. Mitel MiCloud Enterprise is also compatible with any Independent Service Providers (ISP).

Mitel modernizes business communications while minimizing capital expenditure. Unlike traditional communications systems, cloud computing-based communications IaaS offers customers continuous service support, maintenance and update. Virtualization of prospecting, customer relations management and business partnerships across a value chain of interests requires highly competent data management.

Increase performance with MiCloud Enterprise multi-point video conferencing, interactive collaboration, voicemail to email, automatic call distribution, and unified messaging capabilities. UseUCC technology to enhance employee performance, and enterprise leadership. The MiCloud mobile interface extends the reach of an enterprise communications infrastructure. Realize business potential with MiCloud Enterprise portability.

Mitel Enterprise means no more racking and stacking hardware onsite. Operating systems and other core infrastructure are supplied by the Mitel MiCloud data center. Mitel UCC software applications provide clients access to one of the most secure cloud-based environments. Streamline performance with MiCloud virtualization. Rescale your organization’s computing capacity, and unleash the potential of your business without the constraint of time consuming and costly IT changes.

MiCloud is perfect for any critical enterprise technology transformation. Experience rich, cloud-based communications in a single suite. Improve your organization’s communications capacity with Mitel collaboration architecture. MiCloud wholesale deployment is the best B2B virtualization solution on the market. Drive strategy with capabilities that exceed the competition. Enterprises powered by Mitel are doing more than sustaining growth. Stand apart in communications with MiCloud Enterprise.

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  1. By: Kleber
    Date: March 26, 2015 at 12:33 pm
    Overall Rating
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    Ease of Use

    Mitel is the best solution for customers and service providers.

    Pros: Easy to Sell
    Easy to Bundle
    Simple Deployment
    Designed for Profitability
    Flat, monthly per-user rate
    Cons: Depends on the IT infrastructure of the customer to work fine.

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