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Modern technology changed the way people interact with each other and place phone calls. It opened up the possibilities of getting in touch with people and made it more comfortable as well as quicker. MightyCall is a company offering such services. It is a virtual telephone company from Seattle, and it started its journey in the late 90s as a company called Infratel when this kind of technology was very new to customers. These services are becoming more popular especially since more people decide to become entrepreneurs and have their own business. It also means they often don’t have a real office since they work from home. Sometimes they don’t have the luxury of being in their office a lot since most of their work revolves around face to face services, and business growth means they have to keep moving from client to client to make sure their work flow is steady.

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Virtual Systems Now and Tomorrow

It is a cloud-based service offering a virtual telephone number for small companies. There is a call answering option which allows businesses communicate with clients. It will enable people to keep their private and business lines separate especially if you work from home or are not in the office the whole time. For small companies and self-employed entrepreneurs who spend more time interacting with their client this kind of system becomes a need more than a want since it can help grow their business.

For small companies, these platforms can also have downsides, but since not all ar IP/PBX based as well as centered on SMB market, it offers flexibility where necessary. MightyCall is one such service, and it gives its users the tools they need to be successful while catering for a small to medium business and Small Office Home Office type of customers. There are now smaller to medium companies than ever before, and their office varies from a simple set-up at home to a small office in a business park. Therefore, a stable connection with their clients is essential.

MightyCall and its virtual telephone set-up allow the SoHo clients to have a virtual number. It is easy to set up, and when the performance rates are reasonable, it can be beneficial. The concept of a virtual phone number might seem a little bit odd, but nowadays companies have to go online since most people want to interact with the business they are buying products and services from and this is one way of communication. A virtual phone number also means that if the office is home-based, entrepreneurs don’t have to set up a separate business line or use their home number as their business number since it can run at odd hours or weekends when they least expect it.

How MightyCall Works

This kind of virtual system means that their number can be linked to an answering service granting a professional attitude and a personal message to the caller. There are menu options so the business owner can customize it the way that works best for their business such as Press 1 for the Marketing Department and Press 2 to reach the entrepreneur directly. There can be options directing clients to the Support Department of the company or Sales. Although people sometimes find it annoying being connected to one of these services rather than to a person straight away, most are more interested in the answers to their inquiry the company provides and not about the way they conduct their business phone line queues and answering machines.

Once the client makes a choice, they are transferred to a landline, mobile phone, VoIP or even Skype phone business sets up to answer the calls and this way the primary landline does not get used. There are different numbers of extensions available for the caller to be linked to and there is a flexibility other services don’t offer so the business can set up the extensions as necessary for one or several phones. This way no caller is left hanging with a burning question, and it is positive for the overall business since it improves the reputation. This is why virtual phones are becoming popular and why different companies create attractive price points and bundles for virtual phone services. Each company also offers various features and individual deals on monthly charges for the service.

Virtual Telephone Numbers

A cloud service providers host a virtual telephone number assigned to an individual business. Companies can have several virtual phone numbers hosted by the same company so they can separate the different departments if they wish to. This kind of number is called virtual just because it is not attached to a device such as a home phone or a mobile phone. It is a real telephone number that works as a business number and if it is an existing one, portable to MightyCall. If you don’t have a number you wish to transfer, MightyCall will issue a local or toll-free number to you for business or personal use. It can be found in directories, and anybody can call it o matter where in the world they are.

Different price plans and monthly subscriptions offer a choice of one and up to five toll-free numbers for your business or home. If you decided to get five numbers, you must be ready to pay a higher price, but it will pay off as the company grows. This way you don’t have to worry that a client will not be able to reach you when needed and you can set a message for them to hear if the business goes offline or it is a weekend. They can leave a message with their name and phone number so you can call them back if necessary, creating a good relationship with a potential client from the get-go. It will also be convenient for existing clients who want to reach you no matter where they are if there is a question that requires an answer from you or your employees.

Local or Toll-free

MightyCall service you can choose between a local, toll-free and vanity numbers. Vanity numbers are easy to remember and can even be words that are turned into numbers. TAXI turns into 8294, for example, and this way you can easily recognize the name and your customers can too. If you have a brand offering services, it can strengthen your brand image and make good first impressions. People dislike long numbers, and since they want to reach you as quickly as possible, fiddly numbers with several figures of the same kind next to each other will not be a great start. People get confused about counting 0 or 1 if they are next to each other, so perhaps a vanity number is a way to go.

The choice between toll-free and local is not as simple as other choices Small and local businesses will benefit from a local number whereas big national or even international companies should go toll-free instead. If your clients come from different sides of the country, a toll-free numbers will give them an opportunity to reach you with no additional charges. Nobody likes to see a large phone bill at the end of the month and this way you will not add anything to that bill.

MightyCall has toll free numbers in 844,855,866,877 and 888 but there is local numbers available no matter of the area your business is located in, and there are more than a million numbers available, so you don’t have to worry that there will be no possible numbers for your business. MightyCall offers individual features useful for different sized companies as well.

Features of MightyCall Services

Incoming calls and answering services are critical to any business. They are the link between the customer and employees who are the representatives of the company. There are also voicemail options to consider. Another feature MightyCall offers is information playback that works according to the business rules and depending on the purpose of the call. This way there is less involvement from people in the office or the business owner if the questions don’t require complex answers and problem-solving. The information is automatically directed at the client with a touch of a button, creating an efficient system of management.

MightyCall also offers a social media texting feature. The company understands the growth rate of social media and its importance. Companies no longer can just promote their services and good in local newspapers, on TV and radio. Social media becomes their marketing tool as well as their way of informing clients about the business and any changes that are introduced in the company. It attracts attention to a different kind of customer pool and allows it to expand.

Modern clients know what they want. They are younger and much more sophisticated, leading a lot of their life through smartphones and tablets and communicating using social media. MightyCall introduced the social media texting feature to link businesses with this kind of customers. The company can interact with their customers using the MightyCall social media interface, and it is easy to set up and learn how to use

The auto-receptionist function can also prove to be somewhat useful for small and medium businesses. It can be used for all the virtual numbers you have set up depending on the price plan your company uses. You can set up the hours and even a different receptionist for each number. There are no long and confusing pressing of the buttons or menus nobody understands. Instead, the problem or question can be answered quickly and efficiently

The most suitable price plan depends on the size of your business and the individual needs of yourself and your employees. Team members can be added in an internal sequence that allows them to communicate with each other and transfer calls if necessary. A number of employees your company has will change the amount of these extensions you need, and MightyCall supports five to twenty-five team members with extensions. They can be set up when your company sets up the virtual phone number or numbers you want to use as the primary business number. It is beneficial to set up extensions if you think the lines will be kept busy and you don’t want to miss any critical call from potential clients or even business partners.

Features and Pricing

There are three different tiers to choose from. The basic plan will cost you 14.92$ per month and offers five hundred free minutes. Standard will cost 37.49$ with its three thousand free minutes, and the Ultimate plan will cost your company 69.99$ providing ten thousand minutes for you to use as needed every month. It seems like a significant investment, but it is clear that it pays off because you would need a business line anyway and not all companies offer free minutes with their business packages.

It also depends on what kind of features your business needs and it will determine the choice of MightyCall package you decide to opt for. Some features are available no matter which plans you choose but some only feature on Standard or Ultimate. One of them is the number of voicemails you can have is different between the three editions and texting options differ from version to edition as well. The support for various features is an essential part of the choice so a small or medium business could benefit from the Standard or even the Ultimate edition.

Using a virtual phone number will be easier for your business, your employees and your existing and potential new clients. The company will help you set everything up and help with coaching and support when necessary no matter which edition you choose so don’t worry if you don’t quite know how the virtual phone number works or what to do with it. It will just like having a landline but with no hassle of using a private phone if you work from home or in a small office. It will encourage business growth as well.

For further information, visit MightyCall.com.

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