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Lingo Full Review


Lingo is one of the most affordable VoIP home phone services available in the United States. The service uses your existing high speed Internet connection as a private phone line. The company offers plans for domestic and international calling that start at just $9.95 per month.

You don’t need any special equipment to place and receive calls. All you need is a high speed Internet connection, a regular phone, and a phone adapter which the company provides for free when you sign up for the service. Setting up the service is very simple and straightforward.

Lingo, Inc. is an affiliate of Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.

Features of Lingo

Lingo has earned a top spot in the VoIP market by providing unlimited long-distance and international calling. The company doesn’t focus too much on businesses, and therefore lacks some of the features offered by business VoIP service providers. However, it is a great alternative to traditional residential phone lines, offering customers incredible value for their money.

Free features included in all plans:

  • Caller ID with name and number display of the caller
  • 3-way calling
  • Speed dial up to eight numbers – manage your speed dial phone numbers on your phone or online
  • Call forwarding – calls can be sent to any number in the US
  • Simultaneous ring – up to 5 phones can be programmed to ring when a call comes in, so you never have to miss a call or run to just one phone, you can pick up the call from any phone in the house
  • Call waiting – answer an incoming call when you are already on the phone. The caller ID lets you know who’s calling on the other line
  • Call return (*69)
  • Call blocking and anonymous rejection
  • Last number redial (*66)
  • e911 – enhanced 911 service that automatically sends your location to the dispatcher, just make sure you address is always up to date
  • Keep your existing phone number – you have to check for availability
  • No annual contract

Directory assistance (411) is available for $1.95 per call.


Lingo offers unlimited international calling, which is practically unheard of among VoIP services. You can use the phone you already have with the free adapter provided by the company. Once the phone is connected to the service, you can start making VoIP calls. Lingo also offers a mobile option that lets you make calls from your mobile devices. There is an extra monthly fee for this option.

Ease of Set Up

You can set up the service in just a few simple steps. Simply connect the phone adapter to your high speed Internet connection and to your phone. That’s it. You can start to make and receive calls right away.

Customer Support

Lingo customer care representatives are available by phone from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. The tech support team is available around the clock, everyday. The website also offers a comprehensive FAQ section, online installation guides and email support.

Plans and Pricing

Lingo offers 2 World Unlimited plans and a World Select unlimited plan, plus plans for calling just within the US and to Canada.

America Essential – $9.95 per month, includes 500 minutes within the US and to Canada, plus 4 cents per minute after that.

America Unlimited – $22.95 per month, includes unlimited calling with the US and to Canada, plus low international rates.

World Unlimited – $23.95 per month, includes unlimited calling within the US and 45 other countries, plus low international rates to the rest of the world. For $56.95 you also get 1800 minutes to mobile phones in 25 countries.

World Select – $23.95, includes unlimited calling within the US and to Canada, plus 1000 minutes to 65 other countries.


The monthly fees are slightly higher than other VoIP providers, yet still much lower than traditional phone services. And, the service isn’t really suitable for businesses, it is more geared towards residential customers.


Lingo provides excellent customer support. You can tell that this is a company that really cares about their subscribers. This, plus all of the calling features included in each plan make Lingo a service provider worth considering, and make the service worth the few
extra bucks.

The company has demonstrated its staying power in the ever increasing world of VoIP phone service providers with its generous unlimited and international calling plans. Aside from that, the service is quite basic but adequate and does provide all of the features and functionality consumers have become accustomed to having on their home phones. If you make a lot of calls to friends and family members around the world, then Lingo is a great choice for your home phone needs. 




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  1. By: Brenda
    Date: September 13, 2019 at 5:50 pm
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    I get phone calls that I Don’t know who they are they never leave a message. So I want to change my number or we will cancel our service with you in 2 days I’ve received 73 phone calls and it’s been from all over u.s. and I’m tired of this.

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