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An Introduction

We complete our first impressions of a business based on how they answer our calls. A company's professionalism is depicted in the way they deal with the telephone class of their prospective and existing clients, placing them on hold, transferring them and providing them with all additional options to complete the call successfully. GoToConnect Communications provide large businesses, public sectors organizations as well as small and medium businesses with tools for better connectivity. Their services are sold via GoToConnect and are catered towards organizations that want to portray a more professional image. An enhanced phone system is the need of the hour for companies with multiple toll-free numbers and thousands of people calling in with orders and queries every month. Jive Communications was founded in 2006. The company is well known for providing Unified Communication services to businesses and institutions. They are quickly becoming the preferred communications provider for organizations all over the country and also internationally. It seems that the secret to their success is their complete independence. Many of GoToConnect's services are provided via their proprietary cloud based platform known as GoToConnect Core. The company built it purposefully from the ground up. The main aim behind creating GoToConnect Core was to create a powerful, reliable yet economical platform to host consistent coast-to-coast communication services.

Their Services: Does GoToConnect Measure Up To The Hype?

GoToConnect has a whole line up of services customized to suit the needs of their client organizations. Enterprises can benefit from hosted VoIP, VoIP phones, Hosted video and email as well as broadband. All of these services are also services for the private sector, along with an additional one i.e. Firewall Management. GoToConnect also provides Hosted VoIP and broadband services for small and medium enterprises. Their VoIP services have become the perfect substitutes for the good, old-fashioned telephone lines for many businesses, small and large alike. Similarly the GoToConnect Broadband services present enhanced data access facilities with a quick, carrier-grade IP network. The intuitive, smart broadband network is very capable of prioritizing the most important traffic ensuring a smooth flow of information to your office. One interesting aspect of their products is that they make GoToConnect a one-stop shop. The company also offers a wide variety of VoIP ready handsets, conference phones and sidecars at great prices.

GoToConnect Works With Everyone!

GoToConnect Communications has amassed a long list of clients in the few years that the company has been in business. It seems that no business is too large or too small for them to handle. GoToConnect Communications delivers reliable, enterprise-grade telephone systems and services to businesses and government organizations large and small GoToConnect provides hosted Unified Communications solutions designed for the Enterprise. GoToConnect's voice, video, email, and data services combine to complete the perfect communications suite for global organizations. They have established VoIP and broadband for schools, libraries, and government institutions. GoToConnect has the capability to unite voice, video, data, and email into one fully-managed service, delivered by a single provider. This is great for institutions that don't have the time or resources to go around searching for different service providers that are willing to work together. Besides the synergy created by single provider services is unbeatable along with the fact these services come at a fraction of traditional costs.

VoIP Plans and Pricing

GoToConnect offers VoIP and hosted VoIP solutions at a lower price point than its competitors. Enterprise, public sector organizations and small and medium businesses get to choose from the same plans and pricing options. The hosted VoIP services are offered in 5 tiers and are based on the number of users in your system. Their Tier 5 plan is perhaps the most famous; we tried and tested the services in this one. For $19.95 per month, per user for more than 50 users, businesses get unlimited local calls and long distance calling facilities for 48 states. They are allowed to have an unlimited number of auto attendants, extensions, voicemail boxes along with a long list of other advantages. GoToConnect's Hosted VoIP plans start at $19.95 and can go up to $29. Each plan comes with GoToConnect's top-ranked Technical Support, and monthly contracts.

Broadband Plan Pricing

There are 4 Broadband service plans at GoToConnect Communications. The most popular one is called Ethernet and is available for $249 per month. The service is fast, dependable and great for small business or large enterprises that don't have the need for heavy internet traffic. The Broadband services start at $70 and go all the way up to $699 per month.

GoToConnect VoIP Phones

Their phones are tested for VoIP readiness and are available starting from $70.95 for a basic business phone. These may be classified as basic but have the capabilities to fulfill all the telephone needs of a small or medium business. The best GoToConnect VoIP phones are the Executive Business Phones. These go all the way up to $499.

GoToConnect Service Review

The best thing about the GoToConnect Communications is that all their technical support is US based. The quality, support and hardware provided by them can be sworn by according to many of their existing clients. There have been several glitches in the communication systems, but that is mostly during very bad weather. For example Hurricane Sandy managed to disrupt quite a bit of their clients telephones. But the technical support team is exemplary in that all clients are kept up to date with any issues. GoToConnect Communications has quite a few methods of providing enhanced support. They have dedicated accounts for receiving complaints, the technical representatives are available 24 hours a day and even on weekends and holidays, along with many of their system engineers and project managers. The services have proven to be very easy to setup, no technical knowledge required as their reps will talk you through all of the setup process.

The Verdict:

The quality, features and price provide great value for money. Services from their competitors add up to almost double GoToConnect's prices when we took into account the way they bill and charge for additional lines. GoToConnect's services are great for businesses on the lookout for glitch free VoIP transfer and services.
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