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Improve Your Business with a Virtual Phone System 

Since the inception of technology phones have played a huge part in making communication in business premises easy. Research has shown that phones are some of the most important tools for any business to operate smoothly. For any business to grow the proprietor should create the means by which the company communicates with its clients. There has to be an internal communication to allow a smooth flow of events in the company between the workers if they are more than one.

That is why many companies have opted for the virtual PBX phone system. There are two types of PBX phone systems; virtual and analog. An analog PBX system demands connection in every location (some people may find this a bit involving). That means it would be hard for employees in different parts to communicate without any difficulty. The virtual PBX phone system came with the evolution of communication technology. For many people it is one of the biggest things in the business communication technology world. It has numerous benefits which any business person will find appealing.
Below are some of them.

Benefits of Virtual PBX Phone System

  • It connects all the business locations no matter where they are.

Whether yours is a single office or a huge business empire running in several states, virtual phone system will come in handy for you. It will connect all your outlets making it possible for your workers to use each other’s extensions to get information across. This includes offices based in far apart locations. That means with this type of phone system a person in one state will call another one in a different location using their office extensions. This has definitely lowered many people’s phone bills by a huge margin.


  • With so many people being sent on early retirement many of them have opted to venture into business.Many do not want to spend the little money they received on their retirement on paying rent for offices. They have embraced a PBX virtual phone system to communicate from home with both their clients and associates. Those who want to get the highest profits will use this type of system on their workers. That way a worker is able to get in touch with their employer even if they are not seated in the same office.


  • With the changes in the market the price of gas has gone over the roof.Many people have opted to use this phone system to avoid commuting to their workplaces on a daily basis. For the ones on a journey they are able to communicate with their colleagues or employers with ease. That means work will continue as if they were still within reach. This saves them time and money and that is why this system has been embraced by many upcoming and well established companies.


  • Business is about getting profits and cutting down on expenditure.That includes fuel and time. With the help of this phone system, companies are able to call for meetings and run them virtually. That means the people attending the conference or meeting will do it on the phone. This is ultimately cheaper and less time consuming. A meeting can be called and done in less than two hours and the attendants are hundreds of Kilometers apart. There will be no need to pay air tickets or fuel to attend the meeting.


  • You will not have to be tied to a desk waiting for a call.
    This system allows you to move around doing other important things. You will not fear to miss one of your most loyal clients’ calls. In fact, your call will be professionally answered and transferred to you no matter where you are. This means with this phone system you will never miss any of your calls.


It is undeniable that for any business to grow it must have effective communication. Proper communication gadgets will ensure that there is a smooth running of affairs in your company. As a serious business person you need to look for products that are of good quality and effective if you want to be ahead of your competitors. PBX virtual phone gives you the edge to win in this competitive business world. Although this system is known to make communication in the workplace smooth, it has other features which make its services appealing. The following are some of the free characteristics associated with this system:

Characteristics Associated With PBX Virtual Phone System

  • Music

This feature is experienced when someone calls and the caller is on hold. Music plays in the background or some information is shared as the person calling is on hold. This makes waiting for the person on the other end easier and less boring.

  • Locate the person

In the event that you need to be out of your work station PBX virtual allows you to program your phone to transfer your calls to other phones that you may be using at the time. For instance, if you are going out shopping you can program your calls in such a way that once someone calls you the call is transferred to your mobile phone. If you intend to go home you can program it to forward your calls to your home phone. This will allow you to do other things while at the same time attending to matters of the office wherever you are.

  • Block your ID

The other feature associated with PBX virtual phone system is blocking your ID. If you do not want to expose your business number of the people you call you can block your business ID. There are many reasons why you may want to hide your business number and one of them is security. Once you block your ID you will call people and your business number will not show on their ID.

  • Highly technical voicemail

With this system you are able to access your voicemail messages via a computer. This is done by you modifying your computer settings. You are able to receive these messages via emails if you are not near your working environment.

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