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How Can Skype Help Your Business

These days businesses need to find ways to cut costs while still maintaining a professional image. Single person businesses operating from home might feel this need more than other businesses, but no matter the size, all businesses like to keep operating costs to a minimum. Using Skype is an easy and efficient way to do this.

Skype is a VoIP system, which means that you can make and receive calls over the internet. Since you are paying for your high speed internet service anyway, there are very few, if any additional fees involved.

VoIP technology has evolved exponentially. What started out as not much more than a computer to computer transmission can now be used to make calls all over the world.

What is the difference between a landline and a VoIP connection?

The biggest difference is the VoIP – just as the word suggests – transmits voice communications over the internet. If you lose your connection, your call will be dropped. And you need to have a high speed connection or the quality of your call will be very poor and choppy.

Another big difference is the price. A VoIP system is much cheaper and easier to install and maintain. However, there is a downside. Not all VoIP providers have emergency services like 911, and you may not be able to reach some international locations.

To get the most out of Skype for your business, the company now offers a business version of their VoIP services.

What is Skype Business Version?

The Skype business version offers a slew of additional features that are designed to help you present a professional image and communicate more effectively in a work environment. These additional features include:

  • Group video – allows you to conduct video calls with three or more people at the same time, located anywhere in the world. This feature alone will save thousands of dollars a year on travel expenses. Plus, you will save a lot of time, too.
  • Instant messaging – anytime you need to update a client or provide additional info, you can send a quick instant message that the recipient can retrieve at their convenience.
  • Send large files – one of the biggest problems with regular email is still file size. With multimedia files and presentations getting bigger all the time, you need a way to send and receive files of this size. With just the click of a button, you can share files of any size on Skype. This saves a lot of headaches and hassle.

Windows Installer Package

The Skype business version includes all of the features as the personal Skype version. But, because your business environment has additional needs, additional features have been added.

The main difference is the Windows Installer Package (MSI) included with the business version. This package allows the person responsible for managing Skype to deploy the same version of Skype to each employee at the same time. This means that by using the Windows Installer Package, you can ensure everyone is using the same version, without having each person install updates individually.

However, you will have to disable automatic updates. With automatic updates enabled, additional Skype directories will be created. This can cause you to lose control of how your employees use Skype, as well as cause confusion as to which directory is the the one they should be using.

Only users with administrative rights are able to upgrade Skype. This, however gives you the chance to test all new implementations before rolling them out to other users. Any glitches and bugs can then be corrected before wrecking havoc on your data or directories.

Special Offers from Skype

The business version keeps you informed of new features and special offers from Skype specifically geared towards business customers. This keeps you on top of the latest advancements in technology and gives you more opportunities to save money.

Other advantages of using Skype for your business needs include:

  • Save money – calls and conferencing with other Skype users is free and the cost of calling mobile phones and landlines is greatly reduced.
  • Voice messages – Skype will take voice messages for you when you can’t answer the phone.
  • Skype WiFi – you can access your voice messages from any hotspot in the world.
  • Skype buttons – a Skype button on your website lets visitors call you with the click of a button. No numbers to dial, they simply click the button.

One thing to keep in mind about any VoIP system is your bandwidth. You need to ensure your company has the required bandwidth and monthly usage allowance to use a VoIP system efficiently. You need to consider the amount of users on the system, how many calls they may send and receive, and still leave enough free bandwidth for other applications that need an internet connection.

For further details, please visit Skype.

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