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Halloo was established in 2002, and is a privately owned business headquartered in San Francisco, CA. They provide customers with a toll free phone number and reliable virtual phone services, which include all of the most sought after features, such as simple call forwarding, inbound faxes, voicemail, instant conferencing, on hold and call transfers. Their office plans offer more advanced features such as auto attendant, multiple extensions, dial-by-name directory and hunt groups. Halloo provides top notch customer service, available by phone around the clock or online through an extensive knowledge base, FAQ section and video tutorials.

Features of Halloo


No Expensive Hardware to Purchase Separately

Incoming calls to your Halloo account number will be sent to any existing mobile or standard phone. Unlike some companies whose services only work with specific phones, Halloo doesn’t require any special phones or other expensive equipment.

Dedicated Local Number

Halloo local numbers allow you to establish a local presence in many large cities throughout the U.S.

Instant Conferencing

All Halloo plans give you the ability to add up to six parties to any ongoing Halloo call, using your existing phones and equipment. The standard call fee applies to the initial call and each participant added in to the conference incurs a 1 plan minute for each minute they are connected to the call.

The instant conferencing is included in the price of the plan and not to be confused with the “Meet-me conference room.” This is a separate feature, purchased separately and requires an additional phone line. It will show up as a dedicated extension for an extra $4.95 per month.

Toll-Free Numbers

Halloo toll free numbers work for U.S. and Canadian based callers. The company currently offers 866, 877, 888, and 800. Vanity numbers are available for a $30 setup charge.

Halloo also offers what they call “Enhanced Toll Free.” A toll free number is not like a real phone number, it is more like a director to a “real” phone line. With traditional toll free services, calls to a toll free number are directly connected to a local, specified number and any features, such as voicemail, find-me follow-me and auto attendants are dependent upon equipment connected to the local line. With Halloo enhanced toll free, those features are all built right in. And when you make an outgoing call with your Halloo account, the receiver sees your toll free number on the caller ID. This has two benefits – your private number stays private and recipients have a record of your toll free number in case they want to call you in the future.

Live Call Answering

Halloo offers a unique feature you don’t see with too many virtual phone services – live call answering. For one dollar per call, your calls will be answered by a live, U.S. based Halloo agent, day or night, 365 days a year. This option is available on all plans and there is no monthly minimum. The agent gathers the information (or supplies the information) you specify and sends you an email message with the details of the call.

Plans and Pricing

Halloo has affordable plans for every one from the sole proprietor to large corporations. There is no free trail, per se, but each plan has a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee, so you can try the service plan of your choice, risk free.

Halloo Biz

100 min

  • 100 minutes.
  • 5.9¢/min additional.
  • $4.95 per user.
  • +$4.95 monthly fee.
  • most economical plan.
300 min

  • 300 minutes.
  • 4.9¢/min additional.
  • $9.95 per user.
  • +$4.95 monthly fee.

  • 2000 min/mo. with a local number.
  • *750 min/mo. for toll-free accounts.
  • $19.95 per user.
  • +$4.95 monthly fee.


You can take Halloo with anywhere. With Halloo.mobi, you can manage your account using the web browser on your mobile phone. You will have access to:

  • Voice messages – No need to dial into your voice mailbox. Delete old messages and return calls with one click.
  • Forwarding number – Set find-me, follow-me to direct calls to your mobile phone.
  • Contacts – Keep your contact list in the Halloo database, so you don’t have to worry about your list getting into the wrong hands if your phone is lost or stolen.


Can Not Keep Your Halloo Number 

If you decide to cancel your account, your toll free or local number stays with Halloo. Vanity numbers are excepted – you can keep those. All other numbers are the property of Halloo and can not be transferred to another service provider. This can be a very big problem for a well established company with multiple brochures or other advertising merchandise, such as pens or coffee mugs, displaying the toll free number. This means that canceling your Halloo service could end up costing you a bundle in past customers who will think you went out of business. 

Addition Per Minutes Charges

Most virtual phone service providers charge overage minutes, and Halloo does too. This can be a big problem for small businesses on tight budgets. Without carefully monitoring your minutes, you could end up with a very large bill. Three hundred minutes – the limit on the smallest plan – equals only about ten to fifteen minutes per day, depending on how many days per week your business is open. And minutes count for incoming and outgoing calls. Add a few conference calls into the mix, and your minutes are gone in no time.


Halloo offers a great virtual phone service, for reasonable prices. The additional around the clock, live attendant feature puts them ahead of many other provers. Auto attendants are great for directing calls to certain departments and sending customers to voicemail, but nothing shows your customers you really care like having a live person answering the phone. Try Halloo for 30 days, risk free, no obligation and see if this is the right virtual phone service provider for you needs.

For further information, visit Halloo.com


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2 Responses to “Halloo Review 2020

  1. By: Halloo
    Date: March 18, 2013 at 9:11 pm
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    Any customer with an account in good standing can port a number before cancelling. This is the way that it has always been.

  2. By: Marian
    Date: July 8, 2014 at 4:59 am
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    As a start up, I signed up for the free account with an expectation that I would soon request a toll free number and move to a paid account. I have not been through one billing cycle yet and already the links to play my VM in Halloo will not work. I contacted CS and was told that someone would be in contact with me. Before anyone could contact me, I went back into my account to make changes and discovered that the links for “new event” and the edit function for existing events, do not work (all these links worked when I opened and set up the account). I opened the account on June 26th and by July 7th, it is not working correctly. when my issue was addressed, I was asked to make sure I have a updated version of Adobe Flash, which I do, and that something could be wrong with my Chrome settings, which it is not. I even disabled my ad blocker while in Halloo (something I neglected to do while setting up and testing the account in June, without consequence.) Ad blocker or no ad blocker, with everything updated, Halloo still doesn’t work. They also suggested I use a new browser but never suggested that there was a problem with the service. Why would anyone move from the free account to a paid account when the basics don’t work? If the features worked, consistently, I would say that this service is a value.

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