Grasshopper vs. MightyCall

People want to compare prices, features and specifications. This is understandable because it is only through comparison that they can get the best deals they need. Only through a thorough analysis and comparative research can people arrive at a decision that will suit them best. In case of comparing MightyCall and Grasshopper as a virtual phone system or business VoIP system, there’s a lot of considerations to keep in mind. There are many factors that may influence a buyer’s decision. The best decision that buyers can arrive at will definitely focus on price, reliability, and complete set of features. These are quality factors that may at face value be not that important, but they are crucial in finding out which among the two can offer the best incoming and outgoing calls quality and other VoIP features.

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MightyCall and Grasshopper: Their Profiles

Before we can compare the two, we should try to define each product first.

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Services offered by MightyCall

MightyCall is essentially one of the most advanced virtual phone system today that can help consolidate companies in all their social media comments, customer calls and emails. The system brings all of these in one place for easy maintenance, monitoring, and engagement. The simplified form of issue tracking provided for by MightyCall also makes this brand a reliable service by many companies. The services of MightyCall are so outstanding that they garnered a Supreme Software Award in 2017, as well as the Expert Choice Award for the same year.

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The target of this brand is not that big. It’s niche-specific and offers assistance to mid-tier market companies who need to get a reliable phone service that consolidates all the services needed by a company for their communication. The services provided for by MightCall also enable the company to offer a less time-consuming mechanism for companies to get their messages across to their clients.

The good thing about MightyCall is that their users can tap the product to get a centralized virtual system that offers receptionist services through a toll-free service. The users can also opt for vanity numbers, as well as the local numbers that give the company that “Made Locally” image. It’s also the pride of MightyCall to give their users a broad access to a workforce who can manage large volumes of calls that are made overseas. Companies will no longer have to worry about overpriced charges from telcos because MightyCall can provide the same service at an extremely lowered price.

Services Offered by Grasshopper

While MightyCall is a reliable service provider, Grasshopper on the other is equally just reliable. The virtual phone system set in place by Grasshopper for its users and entrepreneurs can help small and medium businesses tap the opportunities of a global market. They can offer to medium enterprises all the essential communication systems that are not only easy to use but at the same time affordable, too. With Grasshopper, users are able to access more than 800 local and vanity numbers at their disposal. Companies want these numbers because they need it for branding. A vanity number helps get more leads, while a local number gives the big and large company that local number that makes their potential customers think that they’re made locally.

The exciting thing about Grasshopper is also its ability to give people access to all phone lines across the globe with the use of an existing internet connection. You don’t need to pay extra to telcos just to get a separate connection for overseas calls that will cost you a lot. With Grasshopper’s communications package, entrepreneurs will now be able to use their smartphones as an ultimate all-in-one tool to make business calls to get them leads and other deals. You can do this anywhere and anytime because you’re not bounded by the limits of your telcos as the phone connection comes from the internet connection.

It’s also nice to know that the use of Grasshopper’s software can get any business to sound as if they’ve been in the business for the longest time. It will also be easy for companies to achieve that professional image with the use of Grasshopper’s applications.

The credibility of business will also significantly improve with the help of Grasshopper’s line up of services. In fact, you can get your company to have a toll-free 1-800 number just by using the services of Grasshopper. Neat, right?

It will also now be easier for people to get a balance between work and personal life because of Grasshopper’s utilities that segregate and filter phone calls. You can just use Grasshopper’s filtering features only to answer the calls that greatly matter, and forgetting those that may take up so much of your time without so many benefits.

It’s also easier for people to reach people in various time zones just because of Grasshopper’s call services. It’s also a worthy addition for users to keep their numbers or get a separate one before using the services of Grasshopper.

A Comparison: MightyCall vs. Grasshopper

Now that we know the basic features of each provider let’s now compare them and see what’s the best option to consider for your communication needs.

Regarding fax support, both providers offer the same high-quality fax services to its users. This is good to know since all of the modern communication today will not be complete without integrating a good fax system first.

Both companies also offer the same high-quality international calls, call forwarding and caller ID screening. The toll-free number features that both provide for users are also worthy of recognition. Both services are also able to offer call blocking for those times that people prank your company through making unverified calls.

Regarding price, it seems to appear that MightyCall is more expensive than Grasshopper, which is about $19 compared to $12 of MightyCall. For the same features, it may appear that the best option to take would be MightyCall because of affordability. However, there are many reasons to consider yet, so it’s better to put that factor in the side first.

For user experience, both providers were rated an impressive 97% by Finances Online, a reliable review site. This means that you may not exactly see a big difference between the two when it comes to how reliable their services are.

Another area where the two differ is in how the virtual number is provided. It seems that in MightyCall you not only get a virtual number, you also are going to get a cutting-edge system that contains a cloud IP PBX as one of its features. That’s a good addition for people who want to get more value out of their own money. MightyCall is also feature-rich and could get you to save around 20% compared to going for the services of Grasshopper.

It’s also worth noting that unlike Grasshopper, MightyCall is able to process client requests not only in the form of calls but also through emails, Facebook, web forms, and Twitter.

You should also consider the price per month that you get from MightyCall. Compared to the $24 of Grasshopper, you will only sometimes get around $19.99 for the same package when you go for MightyCall. You can also get unlimited extensions when you go for Mighty Call, when in Grasshopper, you could only get around three extensions.

Regarding minutes included, Grasshopper seems to be in the lead because it offers unlimited call credits. In MightyCall you will only get about 1000 calls. Not all companies are calls-heavy, so this factor may be necessary to consider for those who may not want to use too much call credits in their business operations.

In MightyCall, though, you don’t need to pay extra for a transfer of an existing number, while Grasshopper will charge you about $10 for every change of amount you make. That would hold a problem for those companies who may want to change numbers indefinitely for privacy reasons.

A small but not irrelevant feature of Grasshopper is its Availability Status mode. You can’t find this feature in MightyCall. You would need this to make sure that your clients know that you’re open for a business chat or customer support.

You should also remember that Grasshopper charges you $10 for every transcribed voicemail that you want to get, but MightyCall won’t be able to offer you this feature.

There are also no internal calls in Grasshopper, unlike in MightyCall. It should also help in your decision to know that there’s no Contact Us Widget in Grasshopper, while there is an easily available one found in Mighty Call.

There is also no social media tracking feature in Grasshopper, but in MightyCall, you can have this feature already included in any basic package you pick.

You will also need to pay extra $10 for every international number that you call when you’re using MightyCall. Grasshopper has no payment for this.

If you want to make Internal Calls, you need to pay in a Pay As You Go format when you’re choosing MightyCall. In Grasshopper, you have to make a $500 deposit.