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Freshcaller, a call center focused software, is specifically designed for use by small start-up companies and mid-size businesses. It aims to provide companies with a low-maintenance, easy-to-use phone system to address customer service needs. This review will break down Freshcaller’s general features, pricing, how it can benefit businesses, and other important details.

Key Features

Freshcaller enables businesses to purchase local, vanity, international, and toll-free phone numbers in over 50 different countries. Here is a look at some of the key features and benefits offered by Freshcaller.

Easy, Hassle-Free Setup

Freshcaller is user-friendly and a breeze to set up. It provides businesses with an instant way to easily pull all phone information into a single database. It also features a variety of automative actions that allow calls to be routed to specific groups, individuals, and call queues using IVR technology.

Using just a browser, calls can be easily made, voicemails can be customized, call queue can be created, and calls can be forwarded. The system also allows users to forward calls to mobile phones so customer inquiries can be answered from anywhere.

Freshcaller also offers a multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution that allows calls to be accepted from anywhere in the world. Its cloud-hosted PBX platform provides real-time call center data and supports contextual conversations.

Additional Tools and Features

Freshcaller specializes in offering operating agents the capability to provide smart notifications. These can be edited to create relevant responses based on the company’s specific needs.

Freshcaller also offers smart collaboration tools for companies, meaning call center agents have the ability to easily setup up meetings and web conferences. These meetings are then automatically tracked to generate detailed progress reports. Considering it is cloud-hosted, Freshcaller allows equal access across all devices and platforms.

Freshcaller equips businesses to store calls logs, manage call center agents, track call indicators, and record calls. Several multi-level IVR options allow companies to generate custom greetings, call and wait queues, and automated receptionists.

Versatile, Interconnected Call System

Freshcaller features a global calling and routing system. Using this, businesses can easily manage all customers within a single, customizable hub.

Existing phone lines can be migrated using Freshcaller’s software, without alerting customers and causing confusion as to which number to use to contact the company.

Additionally, Freshcaller employs call masking to protect the company’s and employee’s identities while providing a consistent phone number for customers to contact.

Powerful Collaborative Features

One of Freshcaller’s main benefits is how it easily allows agents to collaborate. It enables call center agents to assist one another if needed, share call notes, easily re-route calls, and track customer interaction history. These abilities enhance performance and improve efficiency within call centers.

A Real-Time, Detailed Dashboard System

Freshcaller’s main focus is providing hassle-free, versatile, smooth call system features that function in various situations and countries. It boasts a real-time dashboard system that enables companies to track crucial facts, statistics, and metrics.

It also features clutter-free visibility for call queues, a huge bonus for companies looking to monitor outgoing calls and find available agents on a call line.

The dashboard system is capable of using intelligent analytical data to track call leads and calls and monitor agent actions and performance. Freshcaller then uses this data to compile easy-to-understand reports.

Freshcaller Pricing

Since Freshcaller software is tailored to the specific needs of each business it serves, each iteration of it will function slightly differently. Given this variation from business to business, pricing is typically available only upon request.

While an exact quote would need to be obtained by contacting the company directly, Freshcaller does have general pricing guidelines available.

Three pricing plans — one free and two paid — exist:

  • Sprout – Freshcaller’s free plan
  • Blossom – Approx $25 per month, with additional chargers for per minute call rates (see breakdown below)
  • Garden – Approx. $49 per month and no per minute call rates

Blossom costs an additional $0.016 per minute for incoming calls that come through a browser and $0.028 per minute for incoming calls received by phone. Additionally, outgoing calls cost between $0.022 to $0.0120 per minute, depending on how the call was made and how long it lasts.

Freshcaller’s premium features come with additional charges such as:

  • Call Recording – $0.003 per minute
  • Call Intervention by Supervisors or Managers – $0.005 per minute
  • Addition of Team Members for Conference Calls – $0.005 per minute

The key difference between the plans is access to premium features. Many of these premium options, such as conference calling, customized call center reports, call-masking, and real-time queue visibility are only offered through the two paid plans.

As the most expensive plan, Garden provides access to all of Freshcaller’s premium options. While less expensive than the Garden plan, the Blossom plan only gives access to a limited selection of Freshcaller’s features.

Final Thoughts

Businesses looking for a user-friendly, versatile, low-maintenance call center service may find Freshcaller to be an ideal option. With only a computer, internet access, and a web browser, Freschcaller offers numerous key features to serve a variety of needs.

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