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FreedomVoice Review 2018

Company: FreedomVoice


Service: Business Phone System


A toll free number and reliable toll free services are crucial to the success of businesses today. As a small or home-based business, it is very important to think about how customers perceive you. If you appear too small, potential customers are likely to head over to larger competitors that sound more reliable. But the enterprise phone systems used by some competitors are out of reach for a small business.

To solve this problem FreedomVoice Toll Free Number Service provides cost-effective, business phone solutions. Small businesses get the same powerful first impression as larger companies with expensive phone systems, for a fraction of the cost!


Established in 1996, FreedomVoice was one of the first virtual phone service providers to offer toll free phone numbers and service solutions in the U.S. The company has grown to provide businesses with cutting-edge features to enhance their professional image, create flexibility, improve connectivity and increase efficiency. The technical support is managed by FreedomVoice in-house certified networking professionals that work closely with the developers that create and maintain their services.

Features of FreedonVoice


Auto Attendant

Callers are greeted by a virtual receptionist (auto attendant) who introduces your business and prompts the caller to press a button for the department or person they wish to contact. You can change or update your message at any time. This is a convenient way to keep customers informed of specials, promotions, new locations or store hours, or any other important news about your company.

Call Forwarding

Calls can be forwarded to one or more phone numbers. The virtual system will try all of the numbers you have entered in order to make a connection. If no one can be reached within a set number of rings, the caller is directed to voice mail. For an extra $10 per month, you can set up a queue. Callers will then be put on hold (with on hold music) until someone becomes available to answer the call.

Call forwarding settings can be changed or updated at any time through WebLINK. Here you can also enable more features such as specific times and days for forwarding or create an ACD (automated call distribution). This feature allows you to select which group the call will be forwarded to, such as sales or tech support, and choose how the calls will be sent, such as on rotation to give employees an equal number of calls to answer per day (ideal for commissioned salespeople) or simultaneously to all of the numbers on the forwarding list.

Internet Faxes

FreedonVoice doubles as a dedicated Internet fax service. Businesses can send and receive faxes through WebLINK. A fax sent to your toll free number is automatically detected and stored online as a PDF file, which can be accessed at any time via your WebLINK portal, or be forwarded to your email inbox or to a physical fax machine. Faxes can be sent from any computer from the WebLINK control panel. You have the option of adding a cover letter and you can send the fax to as many as 5 numbers at a time.


This is your online control panel where you can manage your entire phone system from any internet connection. You can check messages, make changes, and create additional users. Additional users are provided with a secure, unique login ID to access their own voice mail or update their settings. You choose how much power these users will have, such as whether they have administrative privileges, are able to check all voice mailboxes, generate call reports and update billing information.

Prices and Plans

All plans come with a 30 day free trial.


  • $9.95 /mo.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses with less than 10 employees
  • 10 voice mailboxes
  • 300 minutes per month included  – 4.9¢ per additional minute
  • 1 toll free or local number
  • Auto attendant
  • Follow-Me call forwarding
  • Custom queuing
  • Email delivery of messages
  • Call screening and blocking
  • Internet fax
  • WebLINK control panel


  • $24.95/mo.
  • Designed for businesses with up to 25 employees
  • 25 voice mailboxes
  • 1000 minutes included each month – 4.5¢ per additional minute
  • All the features of FreedomStart


  • $59.95/mo.
  • 100+ employees
  • 100 voice mailboxes
  • 2500 minutes included – 3.9¢ per additional minute
  • All the features of the other plans
  • Toll free vanity number or local number
  • professional auto attendant with dial-by-name directory


Long Wait on Hold

FreedomVoice offers a complete FAQ section, online tutorials and email support. You can call the company directly during the week from 6 am to 6 pm, but expect to wait on hold for about 30 minutes.

Per Minute Charges

Most companies, even small businesses will find that the number of minutes included in the plans are eaten up very quickly. The largest plan with 2500 minutes for 100 employees means each employee is only allowed 25 minutes per month. Even though 3.9¢ doesn’t sound like much on its own, when you multiply it by 10 minutes, it becomes $3.90, which is quite steep for a 10 minute phone call.


FreedomVoice offers a lot of great features to make your business sound more professional and function more efficiently. Customers can customize features to suit their personal and business needs – providing extra flexibility not offered by many of the other virtual phone service providers.

However, many customers might be turned off by the high per minute overage charges. If you don’t keep a close watch on the minutes your employees are using, you could end up with a huge bill at the end of the month. Combine this with the limited availability of customer service, and you may find another provider is better suited to your needs. Try the 30 day free trail and see for yourself. You may find FreedomVoice is the perfect virtual phone system for your business needs.

For further information, visit FreedomVoice.com


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7 Responses to “FreedomVoice Review 2018

  1. By: brendan reilly
    Date: January 5, 2013 at 4:26 pm
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Customer Support
    Ease of Use

    I signed up for Freedom Voice and was unable to get my company name on the Account settings. Sounds simple enough, called their customer service desk and asked “please add my company name to billing and account information” as I was unable to do this from the web portal. After talking to four people over 5 days I was told it was still being worked on and that it would be a few more days….if they can’t take care of something this simple I would hate to run into real trouble with them….so I have cancelled my account and in my opinion this is a very poorly run company with bad customer service. Do not use Freedom Voice !!!!

    • By: Peter
      Date: April 29, 2013 at 4:06 pm

      Hi Brendan, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience and understand your frustration. Your requested changes should not have taken nearly that long and is unacceptable. We take our customer service very seriously; please let me know if there is anything I can do to make things right by emailing me at social@freedomvoice.com.

      • By: Rosie
        Date: July 22, 2014 at 10:38 pm
        Overall Rating
        Value for Money
        Customer Support
        Ease of Use

        Victor, welcome abraod! Time for some crowd sourcing on the development ideas, specifically around the partner portal.We need a few things.1. Selection list for e911 addresses after the first one. We should not need to type the same thing over and over again.2. A way to upload users and extension numbers to the portal when building out a system. Let us put the extension numbers, Mac addresses etc into a CSV and upload it. Much faster. We can even tie e911 info in the spreadsheet if you wish.3 a way to upload users asynchronously from activating phones. We can upload the list, and have it hot be the time we get the phones.4. Default forwarding of extensions to phone numbers when VoIP phones are used.I am sure the community has some great ideas, as well.

  2. By: Eric
    Date: July 15, 2013 at 9:54 pm
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Customer Support Not Rated
    Ease of Use

    I have been a freedom voice customer for over a year now and it has been bumpy from the get go. I own 9 phones and 3 of those have been down for over a month. I have spoken with customer support 5-7 times in the last 2 weeks and they are no help. I am not even looking for new free phones just guidance on getting new ones. I called in today and am currently on hold to speak with a supervisor. The person answering the phone said they left a note on the account to have me reset the phone as the big solution FYI i did that 30 days ago and multiple times since then. Like i said i have called many times and you wait at least 30 minutes on hold for them to answer. We have had so many problems I regret ever going with freedom voice in the first place. Time for a switch.

  3. By: Guest
    Date: October 17, 2015 at 2:58 pm
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Customer Support Not Rated
    Features Not Rated
    Ease of Use Not Rated

    10 minutes for 3.9 CENTS per minute equals only $3.90. NOT $39. It’s 10 X .39 = 3.9. The claim in this article that is costs $39 for 10 minutes is inaccurate.

    • By: Jeff Stone
      Date: January 8, 2017 at 6:23 am

      Actually, both of you are wrong. The article states that ten minutes would be $3.90 and you claim the article states 10 minutes would be $39 but it is really $3.90. Well, 3.9 cents per minute is actually $0.039 and so that times 10 is $0.39 or 39 cents.

  4. By: Angela
    Date: June 20, 2016 at 1:07 pm
    Overall Rating
    Value for Money
    Customer Support
    Ease of Use

    We signed up with Freedom Voice and made sure that we could use internationally. We have a receptionist in Jamaica, and were told this was fine and they even took an $800 credit card deposit from us solely for the Jamaica calls. . But once she started a few days later, they cut our service off stating that we were in fact not able to make/receive calls from Jamaica. They gave us no reason why they told us we could in the beginning. So not only did we lose phone service for a day which means we now have several unhappy customers that did not receive calls back, but we hired this receptionist thinking she could make calls for us and now we have to take the time to find and hire someone else. Highly disappointed in the customer service.

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