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CrazyCall is a web-based, telephone software that provides users with a low-cost, call center platform. By using CrazyCall, businesses can receive necessary customer service and business sales support. The fact that this software uses local phone numbers from more than 60 countries makes it unique. Because people are more likely to answer calls from an unknown number from within their area code, this is a highly-useful feature.

CrazyCall can support outbound and inbound sales process, allowing teams to make calls from any location. This tool has an application and browser extension to facilitate a company’s sales campaign management. The program’s control panel is user-friendly, even for people who do not have any experience using the software. CrazyCall not only helps with the creation of campaigns and projects, it also allows users to create call schedules.

This program guarantees that users will see a guaranteed increase in productivity and sales by utilizing the software’s web-based application. The app is offered as a secure cloud service. CrazyCall uses modern technology and advanced artificial intelligence to provide agents and call center managers support and control. CrazyCall also helps to increase review while simultaneously reducing costs.

CrazyCall is designed to make telesales campaigns easier. It helps to create campaigns that can instantly reach new customers without creating a lot of hassle for the user. CrazyCall makes calling easier and more effective. Now, millions of businesses can their revenue targets as they improve how they interact with their customers.

The Benefits of CrazyCall

One of the benefits of using CrazyCall is the level of support it offers to an organization’s customer and sales services. The ability to use local numbers in over 60 countries is what makes this service stand out from all of the others. Having the ability to use local phone numbers to place sales calls will increase your response rate. People tend to answer the phone when the call comes from a number in their area.

CrazyCall can support both outbound and inbound sales activities. Also, the organization’s team members can make phone calls from practically anywhere. The native app and browser extension will help the team meet their sales campaign needs. The software’s control panel is intuitive. Anyone who is not familiar with the program will easily be able to use this tool without any extensive training. The program will also help with the creation of sales campaigns and call schedules.

The application’s browser extension is convenient to use. Users can click and call phone numbers without needing to copy and paste it from the web. It is also possible to manually enter phone numbers using a keyboard. The extension can be used without needing to open the entire app. All phone calls made using the platform get recorded and saved, allowing to get downloaded and replayed at a later time. The recordings get stored in the cloud. The feature can help teams improve their quality control and increase performance.

What makes CrazyCall even more appealing is the fact that the tool has a live dashboard that utilizes outbound and inbound call analytics. This allows for real-time optimization and performance analysis. The software also includes conference call functionality. Conference call functionality lets several members of a team communicate with each other at the same time. The program allows a member to have a private conversation with a second caller, then rejoin the conversation with your first caller.

Setting up this platform is easy and can be done without the assistance of someone from IT. In fact, team members should be able to setup everything on their own and start making phone calls within minutes. The platform can also be used to produce questionnaires and assist with market research. No telco integration is needed to important phone numbers and other information using the software’s record’s importer.

Another benefit of CrazyCall is it allows users to establish call queue management rules and manage several outbound projects simultaneously. Because it has an auto dialer feature, making calls is easier. The script builder feature allows you to come up with customized call scenarios that will help team members prepare for the calls they are making.

Integration with third-party apps that use Zapier and Pipedrive, including CRM and ticketing systems. The smooth integration means that software can automatically transfer data to other apps once the call ends.

Features of CrazyCall

CrazyCall has several features that will make an organization improve the customer service and productivity levels. The features include:

  • Team Management
  • Quick and Easy Set Up
  • Call Panel
  • App Integration
  • Call Dialer and Matching
  • Sales Analytics
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Intuitive Workflow

CrazyCall Can Solve A lot of Problems Organizations Can Face

Organizations Can Make Local Calls

Using CrazyCall, managers can assign their agents a local phone number from over 60 countries. By assigning local numbers, organizations will see an immediate increase in client calls. The use of local phone numbers will resolve the issue of customers not accepting calls. People tend to accept calls from numbers within their own localities. Having the ability to make calls from local numbers is great for sales teams as it allows them to have a local presence for their customers. Being able to stay local will increase an organization’s lead and conversions.

Prevent the Loss of Conversations

Support representatives can offer service to clients even as they are speaking with another agent. CrazyCall’s makes this possible through the feature that saves calls. These saved calls are accessible to every agent. Agents can also leave notes to that can provide information about the nature of the customer’s concern. The history log will display all of the outgoing, incoming, and missed calls. Managers will enjoy using this functionality because they can now stay updated on customers without disturbing agents.

Management of Client Databases

Sales teams can now use CrazyCall to create projects for various customers groups. Being able to manage the client database means being able to send specific projects hundreds of people in a highly-organized manner. Not only does this feature allow teams to save time, the team will increase their rate of efficiency.

How Much Does CrazyCall Cost?

CrazyCall has three pricing places that range from $10 a month for each user to $40 a month for each user. Here are the details of the pricing plans:

Plan A:

  • $10 a month for each user
  • 1000 free monthly minutes for each user to 20 countries
  • 3 maximum number of projects
  • Free inbound calls

Adding additional numbers is $4 for each number. The plan comes with 45 days of call recording storage, call history, and reporting. This plan also has no access restriction.

Plan B:

  • $20 a month for each user
  • 1000 free minutes each month per user for up to 40 countries
  • An unlimited number of projects
  • Free phone number and inbound calls

This plan does restrict access and it costs an additional $4 per phone line. However, the plan comes with a year of call history and reporting. Organizations also receive a year of call recording storage.

Plan C:

  • $40 a month for each user for up to 60 countries.
  • An unlimited number of phone calls to Canada and the U.S.
  • An unlimited number of projects

Plan C also has access restrictions, unlimited call recording storage, and unlimited reporting and call history.

CrazyCall Technical Details

Here’s a brief overview of CrazyCall’s technical specifications. CrazyCall is a cloud-hosted program that can be accessed from practically anywhere. It supports web-based, Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. The platform is ideal for use by all types of customers, including freelancers, small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, and enterprises.

CrazyCall supports the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Polish.

Organizations interested in using CrazyCall have four pricing models they can use. They can sign up for an annual subscription or make monthly payments. The platform does have a free option. If existing plans do not meet an organization’s needs, organizations can contact CrazyCall for a quote.

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