CorvisaCloud Full Review


CorvisaCloud can give a business all of the tools necessary to keep their clients happy each and every time they call. Their business phone solutions and contact center suite integrate with Salesforce to combine for a one-stop management tool that keeps an entire company organized. Their system is easy to install and learn without any lengthy contracts required or expensive training needed to get started.


There are over 40 additional calling features that come with the services from CorvisaCloud. These features can help managers organize their staffs, enhance call quality, provide detailed reports and much more. The features provided by CorvisaCloud allow for smooth operations in daily workflows. Other additional features include voicemail options, call recording, national and international DIDs, outbound dialing, secure data centers and many more. One of the biggest features that the company offers is Salesforce integration. CorvisaCloud uses Salesforce to keep everything from call records to contact and lead information in one safe, secure and easily accessible place. Team members will know exactly where to go to get the information they need and can update the information in real time. With Salesforce, clients can use click to dial and auto syncing for call records, exchange emails, send messages, and update their calendars, along with tons of other enhancements.


The information implemented and given by clients is confidential and CorvisaCloud takes that very seriously. They manage highly important information with secure data centers and data storage. Their services are compliant with PCI, SOX and HIPAA. All of this can give users peace of mind that each day and night their records are being carefully guarded and that their information and the information of their clients are safe.


CorvisaCloud has a full range of products and services that they provide:

Contact Center Suite

Their contact center suite can help clients deliver an excellent customer service experience for their callers. The suite can assists in call quality from the beginning, during and after the call. If a caller wishes to speak to a certain representative they can wait in a personal queue for them to become available or leave them a message. Afterwards, representatives can follow up with the customer and even reach out to new leads and prospects.

Inbound Contact Center

The inbound call center can help callers and the representative from the beginning. CorvisaCloud has features that pre-screen the callers so that certain information is given to the representative before the call takes place to avoid the customer having to repeat themselves. Managers can adjust call queues to avoid long hold times and can even monitor performance to see if representatives are falling behind.

Outbound Contact Center

The outbound contact center can help manage leads and prospective clients. Managers can assign certain leads to certain representatives. This can be monitored and adjusted on-the-go and can tell the representative how many times to call and how long to wait in between calls.


CorvisaCloud has innovative technology that ensures businesses stay on top of high call volumes. Their tools can help grow business relationships and assist in generating new contacts and leads via Salesforce. CorvisaCloud’s additional features benefit the company and the caller in the same ways. Being able to provide and receive pre-call information helps both sides of the call to make sure that no extra time is wasted. Long hold times can be avoided and reports can detail for managers exactly what works and what doesn’t with their current staff.

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