CloudPhone Review

CloudPhone Review

CloudPhone is a virtual phone system aimed at growing small businesses that want to show a more professional image to the world. It takes advantage of VoIP technology to provide you with advanced features that are typically found in phone systems used by large enterprises, all at an affordable cost. As a business virtual phone system, CloudPhone isn’t intended to replace your current landline or mobile phone service. Instead, it works by intelligently routing calls from your CloudPhone number to any phone of your choice.

Why should you try CloudPhone?

Smart Voicemail

All voicemail messages you receive on your extension are sent to your email and can also be listened to by accessing the management portal. Voicemail transcription is offered too, which lets you not only listen to, but also read your voicemail messages.


CloudPhone offers three different plans at affordable prices. Each plan includes over 20 professional phone features like intelligent call routing, call screening, call recording, conference calling, faxing and voicemail. Here is an overview of the plans available:

Basic – $12 per month

    1 virtual phone number (toll-free or local) and 3 extensions
    1 virtual receptionist menu
    Pay-per-use rate for calling: $0.05 per minute
    200 text messages per month

Plus – $24 per month

    2 virtual phone numbers (toll-free or local) and 7 extensions
    2 virtual receptionist menus
    1,000 calling minutes per month
    1,000 text messages per month

Pro – Currently on special at $24 per month

    5 virtual phone numbers (toll-free or local) and unlimited extensions
    4 virtual receptionist menus
    4,000 calling minutes per month
    4,000 text messages per month

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