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ClarityTel is a growing leader in the VoIP community. The company serves small businesses by offering the same VoIP services available to larger companies at a lower rate. They also provide PBX services, enabling clients to create a private phone network within their company. Clients can use different channels to communicate within their organization separately from clients. Founded in 2003, ClarityTel has weathered the storms of the 2008 recession while continuing to grow each year. Being in business for 13 years should give any potential customers confidence that there is something unique about ClairtyTel.

Main Benefits

Customers will be happy to know that ClarityTel doesn’t require an annual contract to use their service. Instead, their business model revolves around a flat-rate monthly fee for all options. As a result, small to medium sized business don’t have to worry about a huge cancellation fee if they are dissatisfied with the company down the line. Businesses also don’t have to tie up large sums of capital in an overpriced VoIP system that includes more than what’s needed. Based on the quality of service that so many businesses have received from ClarityTel over the years, it’s highly unlikely businesses will want to cancel. Regardless, it’s comforting to know that canceling is possible any time without penalty. In providing world class customer service, ClarityTel’s clients give them an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Plans and Pricing

– 1-9 lines: $24.99 a month/line
– 10-24 lines: $21.99 a month/line
– 25-50 lines: $19.99 a month/line
– Over 50 lines: contact ClarityTel for a quote

Advanced Add-On Features

– Advanced Auto Attendant
– Store Locator Service
– Receptionist Call Manager
– Live Answering Service
– Voice and Fax Broadcasting

They also offer Call Queue Management and a Call Recording Module. If interested in either of these features, contact ClarityTel for a quote.

For an unlimited communications platform, customers can add Clarity vFax for a monthly fee. This includes:

– Virtual Fax Service
– Access Fax via Email
– Unlimited Inbound Faxes
– Fax to Email
– Clarity vFax+
– All vFax features
– 150 Pages of Outbound Faxes per Month

ClarityTel’s features can optimize the overall customer experience for your company. The live answering service alone allows you to have an actual human being on the line when customers call, rather than a robotic voice.

Included Features

ClarityTel offers 35 features that are similar to those offered to large businesses in their Enterprise models. Some of these features include Unlimited Calling in the US and Canada, Caller ID, One Unified Voicemail Box, SIP Trunking, Music on Hold, ClarityTel Mobile Connect, and a ClairtyTel Mobile App, to name a few.

Customer Feedback

ClarityTel has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers over the years. One recurring theme is how quickly they receive responses from their customer service team. ClarityTel provides reliable and consistent customer support to its patrons. Employees have even gone above and beyond their duties by supporting clients on evenings and weekends. If you’re looking to switch to ClarityTel for your business VoIP needs, rest assured that you and your clients won’t experience any down time thanks to a smooth transition and stellar customer support.

Call Quality

One common complaint in the VoIP industry is poor call quality and disruptions of calls. ClarityTel’s customers report almost no instances of this. After serving thousands of businesses over 13 years, ClarityTel can honestly report that their system is reliable and that calls are made through a dependable network at all times. Response times for ClarityTel’s customers have been measured at less than one minute.


If your business would like to upgrade its phone systems to the best and latest technology, and if you want a dependable company who has evolved with the times for over ten years, then ClarityTel is the obvious choice for you. ClarityTel provides the same advanced services as more expensive providers, but at a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing quality. With ClarityTel, the opportunity to save money while receiving quality service from an industry leader has never looked so good.

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