BroadVoice Review 2020

  • Company: BroadVoice
  • Main Service: Cloud PBX for businesses
  • Monthly Fee: $17.95 – $29.95
  • Web interface: Yes
  • Ease of Use: Excellent
  • Mobile Availability: Yes


BroadVoice is among the most reliable and established telephone services that Voice over IP in today’s market. Customers can conduct video and voice communication via strong broadband internet access. Outgoing and incoming calls can transpire with a cell phone connected to an analogue adaptor or a wired (Ethernet/Wi-Fi) phone that has been digital SP-enabled. BroadVoice provides devices, or personal equipment can be used on plans having a discounted rate.

Main BroadVoice Features

The way customers stay connected is transformed and modernized with the free basic and advanced designed features. The basic plan has a long list of features. They include international numbers, caller ID screening, *69 call return, anonymous call rejection, (411) directory assistance, three-way calling, and late number dial. Also included in the basic plan are speed dial 8 and 100, call forwarding always, voice mail aliases, do not disturb, no answer call forward, call hold, call forwarding busy, call notify, call transfer, voice mail sent to e-mail, and call waiting.

Outlook integration, conference calling, soft phone support, and priority alert are advanced features. Other advanced features include the AidDroid app, call forwarding selective, caller ID blocking, simultaneous ring, and BroadVoice call manager. BroadVoice also has an enhanced 911 feature that forwards the user’s address automatically to emergency services. The feature functions even when conversation is not possible. The feature is an excellent aid for elderly users.

Fax support and 800 local/international numbers are not offered by BroadVoice at the present time. The international plan is deluxe. There are three plans that support calls to more than 80 countries.

Ease of Use

BroadView provides paperless online options to manage the account and billing. Payment and call history can be viewed. The BroadView Call Manager is used to control phone features. All of the service features are user friendly. The type of device dictates the installation process, The official website of the company provides installation directions if the user has a 2012 phone adaptor, analogue phone adaptor, Wi-Fi VoIP phone, phone adaptor & router, WISP phone, integrated telephone adaptor or HT 502 phone adaptor.


Currently, there are some unique flat-rate plans being offered by BroadVoice. They include unlimited and un-timed calls to any United States number and international countries that include Australia, China, Canada, and the United Kingdom. All of following are unlimited plans-In-State, USA Plus, World, World plus, World Premium, and Premium.

Unlimited In-State

For $9.95 per month, an Unlimited In-State Plan gives a user the opportunity to make unlimited intrastate calls. Canadian provinces and other US States have a $0.39/minute charge. An international virtual number is not included.

A mobile phone can receive unlimited inbound calls on the Unlimited In-State Plan. State-to-state calling is affordable. An area code choice is included along with a rate center number from one of the 3800 United States’ choices. Advanced and basic BroadVoice feature combinations are available. International calling can be made at competitive per minute rates. The online account portal allows users to check voicemail and personalize features.

Unlimited USA Plus

Canada and Puerto Rico are added to United States calls that can be made to family and friends with the Unlimited USA Plus plan. The package sells for $17.95. The user’s favorite phone number is provided, no matter the location.

The Unlimited USA Plan allows unlimited inbound calls from all fifty states. It is packed with both advanced and basic features. A connection fee is not charged and the rates are low for international calling. Inbound calls to the user’s phone are unlimited. The package is completed with a number choice from one of the 3800 US rate centers.

Unlimited World Plans

There are three tiers to the Unlimited World Plans. For as little as £13.00 or $19.95 per month, people who purchase the Unlimited World Plan can converse with people in different regions of the world. Twenty eight countries are served. They include the Virgin Islands belonging to the US, United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, France, Denmark, China, Chile, Canada, Belgium, and Australia.

Forty-seven more countries are added to the Unlimited World Plus Plan. The price of this package is $24.95. For $49.95, an additional 12 countries are added.

Unlimited Business Plan

Businessmen have access to a plan designed especially for them. The cost is $29.95. The package includes unlimited calling to a chosen area code or number in Canada or the US. One or two virtual or remote offices in another state or city are allowed with alternative numbers selected. Those wanting to expand globally, find the Unlimited Business Plan to be a great option, because an international virtual number comes with internationally oriented plans.

Customer Service

Live chat is provided on the BroadView website on weekdays from 5am to 7 pm. The weekend schedule is from 6am to 4 pm. Customer support agents are highly-trained and dedicated to ensuring all queries and questions are answered. There is also a FAQ section that answers questions that are asked on regular basis. E-mail communication is also available. The services of support ticket, Facebook, and Twitter are not incorporated.

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