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  Axvoice is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service provider. This digital technology increases the amount of information that can be transmitted, as well as the quality of the transmission. This technology also allows for advanced features such as virtual phone numbers, portability of numbers, E911 service, hosted PBX phone systems, voice mailboxes and call log management over an internet interface. Axvoice offers a variety of plans, each of which includes additional features. Let's have a closer look at these special features and what they could mean for your home or business.
Features of Axvoice There are several reasons to choose Axvoice:
  • 15 day money back guarantee - if you are not happy with the service for any reason, Axvoice will refund you money - no strings attached.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Unlimited calls to more than 37 countries.
  • Use your own device.
Outbound calling includes these special features:
  • Caller ID blocking - you can block your phone number, including CNAM information, in order to make anonymous.
  • International call blocking - outbound calls to international numbers can be blocked to prevent unauthorized calling.
  • Codec - when your bandwidth is limited, you can choose to use G.729, GSM, G.711u or G.711a. The encoder-decoder (CODEC) will zip the sequence of data to save your bandwidth.
  • Alternate caller ID - with this feature, you can choose any phone number linked to your account to show up on the receiving party's caller ID.
  • Simultaneous ringing - incoming calls can ring on your office line or your mobile phone, in addition to your Axvoice phone.
  • E911 - enhanced 911 support is available across Canada and the U.S.
  • On hold music - callers can listen to music while on hold.
Inbound calls offer these features:
  • Do not disturb - calls are an important part of doing business, but there are times when you do not to be disturbed. This features allows you to redirect incoming calls straight to voice mail, without your phone ringing.
  • Anonymous call rejection - not knowing who is calling can be very annoying, that is why people have call display. With Axvoice, you can reject calls from anonymous phone numbers.
  • Blocking unwanted calls - anyone you do not wish to hear from will be blocked from calling you.
These are just some of the features. Basically, all of the features you would expect from a phone company, are available from Axvoice, the only difference is that most companies, especially the major players, will charge you extra for each feature. Some companies have started to offer bundles, where you get 3-5 features included with your monthly phone bill, but Axvoice includes more than 30, including no charge for calling other Axvoice customers.
Pros The features are a major pro. The company offers everything you could possibly ask for in a phone system. In addition to the slew of fabulous features, there are other pros, as well.
  • Bring Your Own Device Support - If you have your own unlocked VoIP hardware, you can use it with the Axvoice service.
  • Softphone Support - You may use a SIP softphone, without paying any additional charges.
  • Voice mail Management - You can listen to, delete or move your voice mail message right over the internet using your web portal.
  • Call Logs - View all your incoming calls, missed calls and calls that were placed from your account in real time.
  • Customer Service - Axvoice professionals are always ready and willing to help. In addition to the extensive FAQ and knowledge base, there are all sorts of guides to show you exactly how to do what you need to do. But, that's not all, live chat help is available to every one, not just premium members, like with some companies.
  • Value for Your Money - Axvoice is one of the least expensive VoIP companies available, but don't let the low prices fool you! For less than a fraction of what other companies charge, you get the same, if not better service and features.
  • The best home phone service plan is $8.25/month, but you can opt for pay-as-you go for as little as $4.99/month.
The ideal business plan is $24.99/month, but you can opt for the 200 minute plan for only $14.99/month. These plans are for Canada and the U.S., however very affordable international plans are also available at a per minute rate.
  • Dropped Calls - We really could not find any fault with this company at all. However, some customers complained about outages and dropped calls. Whether this was the fault of the company or problems with the internet connection on the customer's end is hard to say.
  • Too Expensive - Side by side comparisons proved over and over that Axvoice is the least expensive, however, there were some complaints from customers saying the service is too expensive. We can only assume these people do not appreciate everything they get from Axvoice.
Bottom Line If you want an affordable phone system, whether for your home, home office or business needs, Axvoice is the best choice. It has more features than you will ever need, all included in one small price. You can save even more money if you pay for one year in advance. And with the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving them a try.
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  1. By: Karen
    Date: February 14, 2019 at 7:47 pm
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    I have had nothing but dropped calls from this company, and no response from customer service. The fact that they provide NO live assistance is telling, regarding their commitment to the customer.

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