What’s New in Virtual PBX – Top 3 Updates You Should Know

A Virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system is more than just a tool that businesses use to make, receive, and route calls. It is crucial to every business operation as it ensures smooth and reliable communications and collaboration while simultaneously avoiding the crippling costs. It’s no wonder many businesses have ditched their traditional PBX system in favor of virtual PBX, as switching over helps them accomplish a variety of goals (from cutting costs and enhancing customer service to further beating out the competition).

In order to help businesses get the most from a virtual PBX, various service providers make sure to take their virtual PBX solutions up a notch and introduce new updates to their service. Below are some of the latest updates on the leading virtual PBX services you should know about:

  • Fonality boosts its Heads Up Display (HUD) platform

Fonality subscribers can enjoy improved productivity and collaboration as Fonality announces a boost to its Heads Up Display (HUD) platform, a notification and communication tool that brings a number of collaboration tools into one display.  Integrated into Fonality’s Professional ($24.99 per user/per month) and Ultimate ($34.99 per user/per month) editions, the unique collaboration platform aims to empower users even more with the addition of six updated features.

These include: File Sharing (from desktop, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box or Dropbox); Inline Audio Controls (all voicemail and call recording controls are now inline); Recording Downloads (Voicemails and On-demand Recordings can now be easily saved or shared); Warm Transfer (users transferring a call can now inform the recipient know who’s calling and why); and Notification Count (for each missed chat, call or voicemail). Tapping into these features can surely help businesses work faster and smarter.

  • Mitel breathes new life into IP desk phones

While businesses no longer have to invest in space-consuming PBX hardware (thanks to the popularity of softphones and virtual PBX apps), IP desk phones remain a staple piece of hardware in most workplaces. Driven to revolutionize the desk phone experience, Mitel has announced its new series of enterprise-class phones that help businesses seamlessly stay connected at all times.

The 6900 Series comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth integration, automatic handoff from smartphone to desk phone, the ability to sync contacts across both devices, and the ability to charge mobile devices directly from the desk phone itself. Mitel’s new line also boasts high-resolution color screens to give users an interactive and executive experience – a far cry from the massive pixels and horrible screen resolutions of phones from yesteryear.

  • RingCentral unveils new mobile team messaging app

One of the leaders in hosted PBX, RingCentral understands that efficient team communication is vital to the success of every organization. There are certain cases, however, when a traditional phone call may not be suitable. Thus, RingCentral has integrated a new solution to their virtual PBX offering: RingCentral Glip.

Glip is RingCentral’s new team messaging, collaboration, and productivity tool. Seamlessly integrated with RingCentral Office (but can also be accessed as a freemium service), Glip offers teams a more efficient way of managing tasks and projects, sharing files, and sending and organizing messages. RingCentral Glip apps are now available for  both iOS and Android devices.

With these updates, businesses can certainly look forward to exciting times ahead for virtual PBX.


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