Top Tips to Streamline Internal Communications

Quick and effective communications between a company and its employees is one of the keys to achieving success in your business. But the benefits go beyond pure profit. When information is easily accessible, managers can direct and lead more effectively, and employees can become more engaged, which helps to build stronger teams.

So how do you make it happen? In fact, it takes more than just sending employees a flood of emails or passing around buzzword-filled documents. To develop a thriving corporate culture where information flows freely, follow these helpful tips below:

  • Allow hot desking

Hot desking, or the practice of giving employees the flexibility to work from any space or desk depending on the task at hand, is embraced by many organizations today. By allowing employees to move around in and share spaces, they are more likely to interact with fellow workers. This encourages the spread of ideas, thoughts, and feedback which may not be otherwise heard or shared when one is resigned to a single cubicle the entire day.

In order to reap the benefits of hot desking, you will need the proper tools. A good internet connection is a must. Then consider laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Of course, you can’t go wrong with an IP PBX solution, either. Unlike traditional PBX systems, an IP PBX lets users take their phone to their desk without having to re-patch their extensions.

  • Store and share files in one place

It also helps if your employees can store, share, and easily access their files in one place. In an age where office filing cabinets are nearly extinct, the “cloud” is the one place you can count on.  You can choose from services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive, among others, for your cloud storage needs.

The great thing about these cloud services is that they give employees access to documents from any device and location securely. Plus, most PBX systems offer seamless integration with these cloud services, so you can automatically backup your voicemails, faxes, and recorded calls with ease.

  • Talk instead of email

While it’s easy to discuss work matters via email, constant back-and-forth can waste your time and energy. A better way to communicate would be in person or via a phone call or video conference. Talking in person or over the phone is better for building relationships because voice, tone, and personality shine through. It’s also easier to explain complex ideas in person or through calls than an impersonal email.

  • Use the right tools

A company’s values play a crucial role in ensuring effective communications, but so do the tools they use. For example, to avoid miscommunication about customer accounts, customer support platforms and CRM plugins like Zendesk or Salesforce will help. Or to streamline team collaboration, apps like Trello and Slack are also good choices for office communication.

Good internal communications do not happen by chance — it’s something that can be improved and achieved by implementing a solid strategy. So make sure to follow the tips above and see as your company reaps its benefits.

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