Enhance Customer Service with These 4 IP PBX Features

Technology has made it easier more than ever for clients and prospective customers to get in touch with a business. With various communication channels available today such as email, instant messaging, and social media, customers can quickly connect with a company to purchase or inquire about their goods or services, or raise other concerns.

But despite the popularity of these new modes of communication, many consumers still choose to pick up the phone and call a business. Consumers prefer phone conversations because it helps them resolve issues quickly and lets them know more about the people behind the brand. As such, it’s vital for businesses to be able to communicate with ease and efficiency over the phone to ensure customer satisfaction (which is a crucial factor that leads to customer loyalty).

Fortunately, today’s IP PBX phone systems come with an array of features that can help businesses serve their customers better. Here are only some of them:

  • Auto Attendant

In business, first impressions could mean the difference between a sealed deal and a lost opportunity. That’s why it’s important that you instantly tell all your new prospects how professional and efficient you are, and one way to do this is by customizing your auto attendant.

An auto attendant acts like your very own office receptionist, without the extra cost. It greets callers and helps manage incoming calls to ensure all customers are diverted to the appropriate extension or department. Using an auto attendant also helps businesses reduce the risk of losing potential clients because of a missed incoming call.

  • Audio Conferencing

Got an important call and need to loop in an expert team member into the conversation? Or need to present a proposal to a big client? The audio conferencing feature is what you need. It helps you to conveniently and easily connect with customers or team members without slowing things down. At the touch of a button, you can bring three parties (or more) into the conversation to help resolve issues, hold a meeting, or address any concern.

  • Call Reporting

IP PBX phone systems also offer businesses the opportunity to analyze the efficiency and level of customer service their team delivers through the call reporting feature. With call reporting, managers or supervisors will be able to access critical information (such as how many calls are coming in, how many are being handled, which agents take too long to solve an issue, and how long callers have to wait to be connected, etc…) that can help them improve their response and boost their customer service.

  • Find Me/Follow Me

Nothing irks customers more than calling a business that never seems to pick up the phone. Make sure you and your staff never miss a call again by activating Find Me/Follow Me feature. This feature forwards your incoming calls to multiple numbers or devices that ring in sequence. This means wherever your employees are, clients or customers can get a hold of them without having to dial multiple numbers just to reach them.

Business phones continue to play a crucial role in helping businesses deliver excellent customer service. Make sure to tap these four features and boost the quality of your customer service.

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