Should You Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business?

When you’re starting out in business, a single office phone line is usually enough. Customers can easily get in touch with you, and you can also conveniently connect with clients, suppliers, and other businesses. But as your business begins to expand, you grow your customer base, and you add more employees and departments, that single office phone on your desk may no longer meet your needs.

This is when getting a toll free number makes sense.

Toll free numbers are a great tool for companies that want to grow their brand and convey a sense of size and professionalism. Having a toll free number lets customers call you for free (technically, phone calls aren’t free because you’ll be paying for both incoming and outgoing activity). The benefits of having a toll free number are endless. Here, we’ll highlight some of the reasons why you should consider getting “800 numbers” for your business.

Toll free numbers give you a professional appearance

A company that has a toll free number is often perceived as a business that has a wide, national or global presence. For smaller, local businesses that seek to compete with larger brand stores, having a toll free number could give their credibility a boost and make them more attractive to customers. Customers will feel more confident making transactions with you when they know they can get support by simply picking up and the phone and dialing your number.

Toll free numbers are easy to remember

Toll free numbers that not only fit your niche but also sound good can help make your business more memorable, which increases brand recognition and visibility. Most providers offer the option to get a custom toll free number (often referenced as a vanity number). You can choose numbers that spell a word associated with your brand, or use numbers with repeated digits.Think about it: are you more likely to remember (and call) a string of random numbers, or one that has a catchy pattern?

Toll free numbers are portable

The good thing about toll free numbers is that they are portable. This means that customers can still reach you via your toll free number regardless of your location because calls can be forwarded to any of your numbers or devices. Also, even if you change providers or service, you can still take your toll free number with you, as toll free numbers can be ported or transferred to any service you choose. This eliminates all the hassle and frustration that comes with changing phone numbers.

Toll free numbers connect you with customers

Although more customers are online nowadays and turn to social media to inquire or raise concerns with a business, many people still rely (and prefer) to communicate via phone. By owning a toll free number, you give your customers the opportunity to reach you without incurring additional charges. This improves customer satisfaction and ensures they will become or remain a loyal customer.

So Who Needs a Toll Free Number?

The simple answer: practically any business that wants to project a strong brand, sound and appear professional, and wants to become more reachable for customers can benefit from getting a toll free number.

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